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MSC Data Analytics in Football



Sports Data Campus contributes to the professionalization of Sports Data Analysts, which is one of the most demanded professions in the sports world.

This program is going to revolutionize the world of the application of Big Data and Advanced Analytics to sports, built and teached by a faculty of top professionals, at your service. You will have direct access to them, so you will have the opportunity to learn and exchange impressions

By means of a balanced combination of theory and practice, students will be able to extract value from the data of a sporting event, apply the most modern statistical and computational methods in R and Python, the programming languages most used by data analysts, currently identifying patterns and extracting valuable knowledge from complex data sets.




  • Module 1: Introduction and theories. Games Theory and Theory of Decision Making
  • Module 2: Data providers and Open Data
  • Module 3: Football – analysis metrics at the individual and collective level: offensive and defensive
  • Module 4: Data storage and acquisition
  • Module 5: Programming language
  • Module 6: Programming language: Python
  • Module 7: Visualization tools: TABLEAU and POWERBI
  • Module 8: Video analysis tools: acsport, RT Software, Eric Sport and Metrica Sports
  • Module 9: Physical performance analysis metrics
  • Module 10: Data driven sporting direction and data presentation
  • Module 11: Machine Learning. Introduction to applicable techniques and models
  • Module 12: Final Master Project

Bonus Program


Three certified and free of charge diplomas with pre-registration to develop your skills and abilities from the first moment:

  • Diploma in fundamentals of analysis in football.                                                                                                                                         
  • Diploma in mathematics and statistics applied to sport with R.                                                                                                                   
  • Diploma in advanced sports data analytics with Python.


All students will have the chance to publish in the Blog specialized in the Application of Big Data and Advanced Analytics to the world of Sport, within


Sports Data Campus has landed an unique training program which, by using the Big Data and advanced analytics, will revolutionize the world of scouting in professional football. Besides that, you will be able to take the following MasterClasses throughout the course:

  • MasterClasses with professional analysts, sports directors, coaches and staff.
  • MasterClasses related to sports data and social media.
  • MasterClasses in the sports data industry, data providers, services and IoT devices.


Unique benefits for the student:

  • TOP CLAUSTRUM: You will have high-level teachers and you will learn and enjoy from the core contents and the MasterClasses.
  • PRACTICAL APPROACH: Practical approach which is totally focused on the skills development.
  • 100% ON-LINE: e-leanirng and interactive methodology will let you follow the classes at your own pace and without pressure.
  • LEARNING BY DOING: "Learning By Doing" methodology. The practical activities are designed to add value and be seized by each of the students.
  • LEADING COMMUNITY: Worldwide community, where you will have more than 20,000 contacts.
  • UCAM: With Academic Endorsement that certifies the Master is official, so that students can enjoy an University Degree with academic and scientific recognition.

Besides that, we offer you three certifications:

Our MSC is certified by the UCAM, by the Sports Data Campus and the Big Data International Campus of ENIIT (Innova IT Business School).


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