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Free forever
  • 1 section
  • 3 teams or 50 athletes
  • 1 administrator user
  • 5 pages
  • 0,5 GB Storage


  • Web page
  • Mobile application (standard)
  • Database management
  • Registrations
  • Accounting


  • Clupik Pay: 5% + $0,25
  • Customised App: Not available


If you want to take a first step towards digitization

$39 /month
$35 /month
Free 7-day trial
  • 2 sections
  • 20 teams or 300 athletes
  • 2 administrator user
  • 5 pages
  • 1 GB Storage


  • Publish the website on your domain
  • Competition management
  • Training sessions
  • Call for entries and attendance
  • Online shop (5 products)


  • Clupik Pay: 4% + $0,25
  • Customised App: $49/month


Take a big leap and become a leader

$99 /month
$89 /month
Free 7-day trial
  • Unlimited sections
  • Unlimited teams and athletes
  • Unlimited administrator users
  • Unlimited pages
  • 3 GB Storage


  • Reports
  • Campaigns
  • Multilanguage
  • Shop with unlimited products


  • Clupik Pay: 3% + $0,25
  • Customised App: $49/month

Personalised app

Get the customised app and you will have the app with your name and logo available on iOS and Android.




$39 /month
$35 /month


$99 /month
$89 /month


Manage your database, organise your users, assign them roles and create a user in the application.


Number of users with administrator role to manage your organisation

1 2 Unlimited


Module to configure registration forms for your users. Linked to online payment


Create customised lists to sort users in your organisation

Export to Excel

Exports lists of users, movements, registrations received, etc.

Customisation of permissions

Configure which users are allowed to post, comment and send notifications

Sports area

Manage the sports area of your organisation


Organise your teams into sections of different sports

1 2 Unlimited


Number of teams per season that you can manage in your organisation

3 20 Unlimited

Competition Manager

Gestiona tu propia competición, crea partidos y lleva la clasificación


Schedule your team's training sessions in the calendar and add a training schedule

Convening and attendance

Summons players to training and matches, manages waiting lists and monitors attendance at events


Create team and player reports


Keep track of your players' injuries and recovery process.


Manage all your club's communication from a single tool


Professional customised website for your organisation


Create static pages with customised content of your organisation: organisation chart, history, regulations...

5 15 Unlimited

Own domain

Publish the website on your custom domain (oganization´

Personalised App

Your own app on iOS and Android with your organisation's logo and name

49€/month 49€/month

Blocking of advertisements

Manage if you want to hide the advertising spaces managed by Clupik on your website.


Give visibility to your organisation's sponsors

Sending notifications

Send notifications by email and to the app filtering by users, teams, tags...

Notifications with the organisation's image

Use your organisation's image and colours in your email notifications.

Notifications sent

Number of notifications you can send to your users

10.000 50.000

Storage library

Space available in the library

0.5 GB 2 GB 5 GB

Email accounts

Set up email accounts with your organisation's domain (it is essential to manage the domain with Clupik).

5 accounts 15 accounts

Private content

Create content only available to some users


Program pop-up advertising campaigns for all visitors to your website and app.


Create publications, menus and pages in different languages


Manage your movements and activate online payment in your organisation.

Movement control

Manage movements and assign them to your users to keep track of your accounts.


SEPA-compliant remittance handling

Clupik Pay commissions

Fees for transactions paid through Clupik Pay (Only available in countries where Stripe operates)

3,0%+0,25€ 2,3%+0,25€ 1,8%+0,25€

Online shop

Have your own online shop and manage your club's orders.


Number of products available in your online shop

Discount coupons

Number of products available in your online shop


Number of products available in your online shop

5 Unlimited


Clupik is a management tool + app + web for sports clubs. It is the ideal solution to save time and dedicate it to what is really important: your club and your athletes.

With Clupik you can manage all aspects of your club: administration, payments, communication, competitions, match calls, training, online store…

Keep your club connected thanks to the web and the app, and control everything from the management tool.

Everyone who belongs to or is involved in the club has a place in Clupik. From the management and direction of the club to workers, coaches and trainers, coordinators, athletes, tutors, fans… Clupik is for the whole club!

Yes, you can. By default you can use the "Clupik app". But you can also have your own app for Android and iOS, with your logo, colours and customisations. Isn’t it great?

The same way. You will have your own website so you can upload content on it. From pre-designed templates, you can adapt your website to your liking. Choosing the colours, typography and sections of it, with high personalisation options.

In addition, you can connect it with social networks and with the club’s app.

Yes, of course it does! Clupik allows you to manage your payments as you did until now (payments in hand, direct debits and transfers), but keeping all the control digitally.

And if you really want to digitise the payments in your club, move to Clupik Pay, our new online payment method for sport organisations. Forget about non-payments, being aware of who pays and who doesn’t, or the uncertainty of getting a remittance back.

Registrations is one of Clupik’s most powerful features. Prepare registration forms for the new season and save yourself dozens of hours that you lose every year at this time.

Not only will you be able to create registrations for the new season, but you can also have registrations for camps, tournaments, new members or any idea you can think of!

Having the data of members and athletes in an excel is fine. But when it comes down to it, it’s not easy to handle it. With Clupik’s database in the cloud, all data will always be up to date and available to all the admins and managers.

In addition, thanks to the filters, groups and tags, you can make searches and specific actions to any team or group of athletes you have.

Each person in the club has a role within Clupik. And each role has permissions. So, while the coordinator will probably need to have access to several groups and information, a coach will only have access to the data of his teams, and the accountant only to the financial information.

Athletes, tutors or fans can download the Clupik app to stay connected with the club, receive notifications and results, as well as perform the necessary actions such as payments and registrations.

In the competitions section, you can manage all the matches, leagues, tournaments, races… of your teams and athletes. In addition, many of the results are automated thanks to the integrations we have with data providers.

Contact us to find out if your teams’ results are automated.

With the training calendar, you can plan the activities and sessions of your athletes.

In addition, you have extra modules such as attendance control, match calls, injury tracking or COVID module.

Yes, your club will have its own online store. In it, you can put your equipment and products, manage orders and stock and have a new source of income for your club.

Sales are guaranteed 24/7 in your club!

If Clupik stands out in something, it is in its excellent service and attention to its customers. From the moment you start using Clupik, we’ll assign you a reference team who will accompany you from then on: data import, group configuration, web and app publication, doubts and day-to-day support. You will never lack help!

Clupik is available in any country and any language.

We have different plans depending on the number of teams or athletes your club has. The best thing to do is to check the prices here. But hey, don’t worry because you will always have a free trial to test the tool before ?

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