Clupik Pay

The easiest and quickest way to get paid at your sports club.

Use online payment and forget about non-payments and exhaustive control.

From now on, manage your payments online.

Replace transfers, direct debits or cash at your bank


Recurrent payments

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Social events




+500 organisations have already transacted more than €20M with Clupik Pay

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Advantages of Clupik Pay

There have never been so many reasons to make the switch to digital payment.

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Save time

Increases control

Lower your costs

Make your collections more flexible

It offers transparency

Automatic alerts

Collect money 24/7

Less paperwork

Connects all areas of the organisation

Automatic reporting

Recurring payments

Start-up in 3 simple steps

1. Activate your Clupik Pay account

Go to Accounting > Settings > and activate Clupik Pay.

Follow the steps and in less than 5 minutes, you will have your account active.

2. Contact the members of your organisation

Select the users you want to contact by email or push notification.

Send a payment request to each of them.

The members will open the notification, click on the secure link and pay online.

3. Generate reports

Analyse who has paid and who hasn't in real time.

Create customised reports of all payments.

Watch our webinar, we explain in full how Clupik Pay works.


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Do like hundreds of clubs, leagues, tournaments and federations and switch to Clupik Pay, the best way to manage your sports organisation's payments.

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