Organise the management of your league in a matter of minutes

Through a management tool, a professional website and your own app.

More than 500 leagues in more than 25 countries already use Clupik

Why Clupik for your league?

Generate revenue

Add new revenue streams and reduce costs in your league.

Save time

Value your time, speed up processes by up to 80%.

Be efficient

Improve the processes in your league, teams and athletes.

Go digital

Connect your website, app, management tool and social networks

What can you do with Clupik Leagues?

Administration, communication, sports area, referee appointments and new revenue generation.


Do you manage a league?

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Detailed Customer Experience as Clupik's hallmark. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Start-up and first steps

Our team will be with you throughout the whole process. Starting when you register and accompanying you while Clupik is running at full capacity in your league.


We teach you and your team how to get the most out of our fantastic management programme, website and app. Although it's too intuitive for you to learn on your own 🙂

Live technical support

Contact us at any time through our chat and email channels. You will always be accompanied.

+7M athletes

+500 leagues

+1000h saved per year

+10M€ in payments

We work with more than 100 different sports

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