«The role of women in sports management and entrepreneurship»

Webinar Series #11
Post by Beñat, 16 de febrero de 2022

Yesterday in a new edition of the Clupik Webinar Series we had the honour of welcoming Joana Egea, CEO of Mejora Tu Club, who spoke to us about the role of women in sports management and entrepreneurship. She reviewed the history of women’s roles on the field and in the management of sports entities and how it has evolved to the current situation.

The video is in Spanish, but you can watch it with English subtitles.

Women on the playing field

Joana took us back in time to remember important milestones in women's sport worldwide. She introduced us to the moving story of Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to participate in the Boston Marathon in 1967. Just like Katerine, great "insurrectionist" sportswomen followed in her footsteps, breaking down barriers and breaking down prejudices in the sporting world, up to the present day, where the gap between women and men athletes has been narrowing, with the so-called Women's Olympics in London 2012.

Media issues

Joana explains how we still live in a media world dominated by news about male athletes. She introduced us to the unfair competition in local newspapers for front-page stories about the great achievements of female athletes versus the banal publications of male athletes who get more exposure.

Women's management

She presented us with scientific research which shows the great management and leadership capacities of entities that have women at the head. They outperform men in evaluations and tests. She also showed us that countries in which the number of women at the helm is surprisingly high have better management of the pandemic.

Equality gap

Despite the small setback in closing the equality gap brought about by covid 19, the future is encouraging as more and more women "insurgents" are emerging and leading the way to equal opportunities in all areas of life, both in sport and in management.

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