«The crucial importance of motivation in amateur sport training»

Webinar Series #9
Post by Beñat, 30 de diciembre de 2021

Last Clupik Webinar Series of the year!

Roger Esteller comes to tell us about the importance of good motivation in team sports and its future incorporation for individual sports and eSports.

The video is in Spanish, but you can watch it with English subtitles.

Who is Roger Esteller?

It's not every day that we are lucky enough to have a former professional sportsman to tell us his dual point of view on and off the field. This made Roger Esteller see an important need that had to be addressed, and so he founded Switch on Sports.

Roger is a former basketball player who has played for top teams such as Barça Lassa. He grew up with the sport and wanted to continue being part of this wonderful world from another perspective and for this he trained as a basketball player:

  • Senior basketball
  • Master's Degree in Sports Business
  • Certified Associate
  • Motivational consultant and
  • Currently studying

What do we talk about in this webinar?

  • How the idea for Switch on Sports came
  • The role of the University of Barcelona in this
  • What sports is this tool intended for?
  • The importance of the coach and the
  • The overriding objective they are aiming
  • Number of clubs they have served so
  • What other areas do you want to analyse?
  • How the Switch on Sports system

Here is the link to their website to find out more about this programme.

Did you find it interesting?

So much for the last webinar of the year. But don't forget that we continue next year and we will come back stronger, with the topics that concern us all the most.


Happy and prosperous new year Clupiker! See you around

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