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Webinar Series #8
Post by Beñat, 17 de noviembre de 2021

This atypical year is coming to an end, and what better than to take a look at the current panorama.

How is the labour market today and how do we approach our own path?

This time it has been Alejandro García, CEO of Sportmadness, who has come to contribute his grain of sand to all of us in the world of sport.

Thanks to his passion for sport he developed his own sports management company, promoting sport and helping sports companies to provide quality services. The great growth of Sportmadness made him put aside his work in a corporate company to start his life as an entrepreneur.

The video is in Spanish, but you can watch it with English subtitles.

What is Sportmadness, how does it work and what is its working style? What do we find in the labour market? What does the future hold?

As Alejandro tells us in the webinar, from his experience and giving his point of view:

  • There is no longer a David vs. Goliath, but big and small form a
  • Teleworking is a reality that is beginning to take
  • Careers are We are moving from a fixed to a hybrid career.
  • Passion Economy: is it the age of entrepreneurship?
  • Sport and the two sides of the coin, leisure and
  • The metaverse, how does it flow and how does it influence? With all these tips that Alejandro offered us yesterday, how do we deal with these trends in today's society?

So much for yesterday's great experience, but don't forget that this continues and next 14th December you will have the last webinar of the year: The importance of motivation in training and amateur sport.

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