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Webinar Series #7
Post by Beñat, 20 de octubre de 2021

A new edition of the Clupik Webinar Series was held yesterday.

Yesterday was wonderful, we had a full house in our room and that indicates that we are on the right track, offering topics that adhere to the needs of our Clupikers. If you missed this webinar, don't worry because we have a full replay!

The video is in Spanish, but you can watch it with English subtitles.


Scouting in small clubs

In this webinar we have talked about sports scouting, because it is important for you and your club. To go into the world of scouting in more detail, we have been lucky enough to have a professional scouting expert, Juanchu Lumbreras.

Juanchu is Chief Scouting at BeSoccer, a leading football results company. He is also General Sporting Director of El Palo F.C.

Want to know what we talked about yesterday? Here is the intro:

Are you one of those who believe that building a good youth academy can be the foundation for future success? Do you believe that a player can perform better in your club? How important is sports scouting?

As Juanchu told us yesterday, BeSoccer Pro was born from the demand offered by the clubs to Manuel Heredia, CEO of BeSoccer. This tool was born to improve the positions of the players and was developed much further.

  • Statistical analysis of
  • Analysis of the different functions of the players saves, goals, assists, speed, shooting power, dribbling...
  • Player characteristics: height, weight, nationality, competition, league, position, injuries, price...

BeSoccer Pro helps clubs to get players that match their needs and at a price they can afford. Do you want to know how the tool works?

Questions asked and answered during the webinar

These were some of the questions Juanchu was able to answer in the webinar:

  • As a coach of a Preferente team in Alicante, I use an extensive database in Excel that I have created myself with players of this category in the province of How would BeSoccer improve my scouting work for my work as a coach?
  • Is BeSoccer so affordable that it can be used for modest clubs?
  • Do you have data on women's football?
  • How do you divide the scouting work to update the data in Besoccer? How many people do you dedicate to each league?
  • What tool(s) are used for the design and development of these dashboards and how are they integrated into a website?
  • Is "Reap" like InstatScout's "Index"?
  • Which player has been the great discovery thanks to BeSoccer's information?
  • Is the Panamanian league updated and up to date on BeSoccer?
  • Is there a way to see how a player can adapt to another game model through data?
  • Are assists only counted when they are converted into goals, or are the generation of chances taken into account?
  • Is it possible to watch videos of players to analyse them on the field and subjectively in addition to the objectivity of the data?

If once you have watched the webinar you are curious and want to know more about BeSoccer Pro, do not hesitate to contact Juanchu to solve your doubts at juanchu@besoccer.com.

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