«Organising sports events in times of crisis»

Webinar Series #13
Post by Beñat, 20 de abril de 2022

We are reconnecting from the holidays and back to give you a summary of our thirteenth Clupik Webinar Series. As every month, professionals from the sports sector come to give us their best tips for you to use in your business or club.

In this episode we were joined by Jesús Prieto and Marcos Silva, lawyer and journalist by profession, directors of the company  4PRO, specialists in Sports Consultancy and Clupik partner, to talk to us about the organisation of sporting events and the current situation after the pandemic.

Do you want to know what they talked about yesterday?

The video is in Spanish, but you can watch it with English subtitles.

How is sport dealing with the crisis, and is there really a crisis in the sports ecosystem?

Marcos gave us an analysis of the past and current context of the sport, talking about:

  • Major sporting events and which are the most
  • New market opportunities and loss of consumer
  • Who benefits most from sporting
  • Football, its stratospheric spending and profit figures and the generation of employment.
  • Expenditure on goods and services and online
  • The impact of coronavirus and the effect it had on the digital ecosystem.
  • The future vision of women's sport, its increase in sponsorship and the 146% increase in profits from one year to the next.

Jesús spoke to us about the organisation of sporting events and the key piece of the puzzle: the sponsors.

  • The importance of sponsors as a fundamental pillar of
  • Sponsors' keys to investing in
  • Sponsors as a means of sustainability for charity
  • How a sponsor can evolve into a direct owner and manager of
  • The importance of metrics and their difficulty in extracting real and concrete data.
  • The value of
  • The vital part of events: the

These are the lines that our speakers developed yesterday, and the best thing is that more and more international attendees are signing up for our webinars, yesterday we reached more than 5 countries and that's because of the time difference.

Question Time...

Jesus and Mark also answered the following questions:

"Do brands change the rules of the game of sporting events with their sponsorship?"

"What is the difference between property and brand? How to stream events to generate global coverage?"

"Do you think the viewing trend is shifting from social networks such as twitch to television?"

"To what extent is it in the interest of a sport in full expansion to cede its television rights to an entity such as Movistar?"

So much for yesterday's webinar!


As we were told yesterday, let's not be fooled, even through crisis and pandemic, sport has not stopped growing. The best thing is that companies like Clupik allow grassroots or amateur sport to position itself as a professional club and have sponsors giving them digital visibility thanks to the web platforms and app that you can find right here with our free one-month demo.

Don't let them tell you about it, discover it for yourself!

 Until the next Clupik Webinar Series!

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