«Football as a tool in the fight against discrimination»

Webinar Series #12
Post by Clupik, 16 de marzo de 2022

In this new edition of the Clupik Webinar Series we had the  pleasure to chat with Maria Lopez, Project Manager at European Football for Development Network – EFDN -, the largest CSR community in European football. The Webinar focused on learning more about the "Show Racism the Red Card" project that EFDN has been running since 2019.

The video is in Spanish, but you can watch it with English subtitles.

Show racism the red card

The "Show Racism the Red Card" project was launched by EFDN in 2019 together with 9 partner clubs - Benfica, Chelsea, Inter, Brentford, Bruges, Rangers, Ludogorets and Werder Bremen - and is funded by the European Union's Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme. As Maria Lopez explained to us, the aim is to use the status of professional football to end racism and all forms of discrimination in and through football.

The programme, which is already supported by 51 professional clubs from 16 different countries, is based on two pillars: a communication campaign and an educational programme.

Red Card Campaign

This is the communication campaign that drives the project. The aim is to use football's visibility and popularity to convey a simple but necessary message. The Red Card is available on the EFDN website in 29 languages and any league, club or individual who

wants to join the campaign can take a picture with the card and share the image on their social media.

Diversity wins

Diversity Wins is the educational programme of the project. According to the speaker, it is in this pillar, based on education, where it is hoped to have a greater impact in the future in the fight against discrimination and racism.

The educational programme consists of a book for pupils and a manual for teachers, which is already implemented in many European schools.

It also has 5 workshops aimed at children between 7 and 15 years of age:

  • Racism
  • Our differences and similarities
  • Religions and symbols
  • LGBTI+ Homophobia and Transphobia
  • Racism and discrimination in football

The aim of the workshops is for children not to be afraid to be themselves and to learn to respect people regardless of their nationality, religion, skin colour, gender or sexual orientation.

Join the campaign

All campaign material, whether educational or communication, is freely accessible and can be downloaded free of charge from the EFDN website.

For more information about the programme you can contact info@theredcard.eu or theredcardeu@gmail.com or María López at m.lopez-puchades@efdn.org.

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