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Webinar Series #1
Post by Beñat, 2 de junio de 2021

Did you miss it?

Yesterday we held the first webinar of the "Clupik Webinar Series" for June and July, led by Gloria Defensor, head of Training and Customer Experience at Clupik.

Technically, it is not the first webinar that we do, as on 25 March we started this series with the webinar on “Keys to a High Performance Team” by Javier García.

Everything went smoothly and more than 100 clubs attended this thematic webinar on online registrations for sports clubs.

Although it had a quite technical and concrete approach, and most of the attendees were clubs that already use Clupik's registration module, there were several clubs that do not use Clupik yet, and wanted to know more about the ins and outs of this amazing tool to manage your club's registrations.

The webinar is in Spanish, but you can put the subtitles in English.


Types of registrations in Clupik

Among the topics that were discussed was the configuration of the type of registration. There are clubs that have basic registrations, and other clubs that have more complex registrations with prices and accounting, etc.

The differences between a public registration, with a URL that can be shared and where anyone can register, and a private registration, only for registered users, were also discussed.

Configuration of registrations

Gloria put special emphasis on this point. It is very important to be able to correctly configure all the fields in order not to regret later, once the registration is launched.

Not only the general data has to be configured, but also the predefined and customised fields are of special importance in the online registration.

In addition, clubs have the possibility to determine the conditions of the registration and to link registrations. In addition, personalised mailings can be set up. As you can see, this part is very complete and offers a multitude of possibilities to the club.

Validation of registrations and export to excel

Finally, Gloria talked about the validation of registrations. The club must check each registration and determine whether to accept each one, sending automatic notifications to the users.

When registrations have linked payments, transfers are generated and payments are made, if the club has set up online payment.

The account administrator can at any time download all the registration data in excel format in any order he/she wishes, to carry out any type of management.

What's new in the module

As icing on the cake, Gloria talked about all the new features of Clupik's online registration module for this new season. Among them:

  1. - Limitation by date of birth ranges or by role.
  2. - Stock in list options in price management.
  3. - The administrator can fill in an entry. 

These 3 functions were some of the most requested by the clubs. Periodically, we take suggestions from all our clubs and add improvements and new features to better adapt the registration process of each club.


Our motto is: "The club does not adapt to Clupik. Clupik adapts to your club".


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