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Webinar Series #15
Post by Beñat, 22 de junio de 2022

Did you miss it?

It's hard to believe, but it's over. We have held the 15th and last webinar of this season.

Gonzalo García Cantón, CTO and co-founder of Clupik was the architect of this webinar on online payment. And more specifically, about Clupik Pay: the new payment method for sports organisations.

The video is in Spanish, but you can watch it with English/Portuguese or Italian subtitles.

Advantages of Clupik Pay

First of all, Gonzalo briefly explained what it is Clupik for all those attendees who did not know us yet.

It was very important to ground Clupik's functionalities, to understand the potential of Clupik Pay and all the integrations with the rest of the modules. Making Clupik Pay not only an online payment tool, but also a way to connect the accounting, databases, online shop and club registrations.

After a brief 5-minute presentation, it was time for the moment of truth. The moment when Gonzalo presented Clupik Pay and all its advantages.

  • Get started in minutes. Replace traditional methods and start getting paid very quickly from the tool.
  • Centralisation of all collections in a single
  • Cost and money savings for club managers. Avoiding non- payments, substituting more expensive payment methods and spending less time on management.
  • Pay-as-you-go. No surprises, no monthly fees. You pay according to your usage. Something that is highly valued by users.

Gonzalo then explained the very easy set-up process of Clupik Pay and compared it to setting up a bank's virtual POS, which sometimes takes more than a month.

He explained in more detail the somewhat more technical aspects of the payment, always emphasising the many advantages of the payment method. Finally, the Clupik Pay fees for each country and the difference between online shop and overhead costs were discussed.

After Gonzalo's brief and concise presentation, it was time for questions and answers. We spent more than 25 minutes answering questions from current Clupik customers and people interested in using Clupik Pay.

In addition, those who were unable to attend the live webinar have received a replay of the webinar and can ask any questions at hola@clupik.com or via the Clupik tool chat.

Thank you all for participating! It has been a great success thanks to the participation of all of you.

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