50+1 tools to improve the management of your sports club

Post by Beñat, 24 de julio de 2021

If you belong to a sports club, this is the list you want to have at hand to consult every day. We have compiled all the tools you can use to optimize the management of your sports club. Most of these tools are free, although for very little money, you also have very interesting alternatives.

Apps for the management of sports clubs

Clupik- Centralize the management and communication of your sports club with its comprehensive solution for clubs. You will have a management tool, your own website and a customized app adapted to your club's corporate image. You can incorporate the modules you need. The most important part lies in the management tool, where you can centralize the coordination of management and communications with members, family and fans.

TeamApp - With this app you can manage your club through your own app. You can customize the design of this and have a fully functional app that connects your teams with athletes. The app is in English, but has an intuitive enough design to be able to use its functionalities.

Collecting dues in your sports club

Stripe - With this platform, you can charge your athletes one-time payments or have them subscribe to recurring payments using their credit card. Following the strictest security protocols, Stripe will take care of charging your athletes periodically, avoiding commissions for refunds.

Gocardless - Offers the possibility to make payments by direct debit.  No need to sign a contract and you pay only for successful transactions.

Collection of timely payments in your sports club.

Bizum - With Bizum you can send and receive money through your bank's app. Receive instant commission-free bank transfers securely. You need to have the recipient's phone number to make the payment.

TPV virtual - It is an online version of the classic POS. Almost all banks offer you the possibility to use it. You will have to negotiate the conditions and the method of implementation with each of them, signing a specific contract.

PayPal - It is a secure payment platform for online payments. Millions of digital businesses use it to charge their customers, and it is an alternative that offers a lot of security to both the payer and the receiver.

Apps for analyzing the performance of your athletes

LongoMatch: The best program for analyzing videos with graphs at the level of those you see on TV. It allows you to perform labeling and modeling with interactive graphics and can export the clips. You have an unlimited number of analysis without the need to be connected, working offline. Analyze any video from your hard drive.

Ubitrack: Advanced artificial intelligence tracking system. Player and ball recognition, uninterrupted tracking and 100% data collection. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve the data acquisition process. A manual process is replaced by Ubitrack's optimized tracking.

Apps to create content for sports clubs

Kickly: An online design app with templates to create graphic content about your club in minutes. Templates to announce matches, results, lineups, fixtures, player stats and much more! Goodbye to paying graphic designers, goodbye to spending hours to create content, goodbye to big Photoshop files.

Forms for your sports club

Google forms - Create free customizable forms (with gmail account) and then analyze them by exporting the data to Google Drive spreadsheet. It has a very simple interface and more than enough functionality for a club like yours.

Survey Monkey - Survey Monkey offers you the advantage of having email support every day, 24 hours a day. It also allows more advanced options such as A/B comparisons and text boxes. It has up to 1,600 pre-designed questions to take as examples.

Wufoo - This is a forms tool that you will have to pay to use. However, it has more varied options such as attaching images, a multitude of templates, etc.

Manage your sports club activities

Google Calendar - Centralized calendar with reminders for athletes. You can have it on your computer or mobile. You can also share it with other users. Google gives you the advantage of integrating it with hundreds of other applications, so if you are skilled, you can make this tool a very powerful ally.

Control the capacity in your sports club

Afority - Automatic, secure and real-time capacity control, without any contact. It is an App that is responsible for solving in an agile and effective way the compliance of the regulations and protocols of prevention against COVID-19 related to the capacity.

Manage registrations in your sports club

Rockthesport - With rates depending on the volume of people registered in your event, it has up to 3 different plans. One of them is free. In this online registration management tool you can promote your event, make announcements, send diplomas and post rankings and photos.

Eventbrite - One of the most popular registration management platforms in the world. Although it is not focused on sports clubs, with its multiple functionalities in the free plan you will be able to organize in a great way.

Cronocheck - This application is more focused on sports events related to races and competitions. Ideal for athletics, running, swimming, cycling or triathlon clubs. It offers extras such as event web publishing, mobile app, chip system, custom bibs, a revenue manager and social tools.

Communication with the members of your sports club

Leverade - Digital tool for managing leagues and tournaments that allows you to automate processes and improve communication with participants, both teams and fans, through its fan app.

Lista de difusión de WhatsApp - One of the most used alternatives in sports clubs. You have to be careful with the Data Protection Act. Similarly, if any member does not have you saved in the contact list, they will not receive the notification.

Lista de correo de Gmail - Email lists are a special email feature that allows the distribution of messages among multiple internet users simultaneously. You only need to have their email address.

Grupo de Facebook - In a Facebook group (private or public) you can post content for your athletes and they will be alerted. You run the risk that some of them do not have an account on this social network, that you have disabled notifications or that they do not use Facebook on a daily basis.

Signing authorizations for your sports club

Singeasy - It is an app for signing PDF documents. You need to have the .pdf file on your mobile to do it. It has a 14-day free trial.

CamScanner - App for scanning documents. You can suggest to the parents of the athletes to use this app to scan the signed authorizations. In the free plan, a watermark remains at the end of the document.

Send questionnaires to your athletes

Survio - With this tool you can create free online questionnaires, share them and analyze the results live. In addition, you can use their templates so you don't have to start from scratch.

Database of your sports club's athletes.

Hoja de cálculo de Drive - In the Drive Spreadsheet you can create databases of your athletes in a very simple way. Create the columns you consider important, and share the spreadsheet with other club managers so that everyone can update it at any time.

Excel - One of the most used tools in the history of computing. It offers a multitude of different possibilities. The drawback is that it works locally, and only you can make changes. Although there are some online excel options.

Training preparation and control

Entrenamientosfutbol - A multitude of different workouts divided by categories, training objective and difficulty.

Training peaks - It is one of the most used applications worldwide by coaches. Very focused on individual sports such as triathlon, cycling or running. With it you can schedule workouts, link devices, analyze performance and evaluate your athletes.

Runtastic - Track activities and monitor progress to achieve goals. Focused mainly on fitness activities, running, cycling and walking.

Social networks for sports clubs

Strava - This social network for athletes focuses on individual sports athletes using GPS, different segments with personal records and global rankings.

Online store for sports clubs

Prestashop - Number 1 software for ecommerce. With Prestashop you can customize your store using their templates. You can add your products, manage orders, develop the relationship with buyers and analyze the results afterwards.

Woocommerce - The good thing about Woocommerce is that it is a free plugin and therefore can be installed within your WordPress site to add an Online Store section for your sports club.

Magento - If you are looking for a more professional and complete Online Store, Magento is your ideal solution. It has a full paid version, but the free version is more than enough to get started.

Crowdfunding for sports clubs

Apontoque - It is a sports crowdfunding platform. With this tool you can not only seek funding for your club, but it also focuses on crowdfunding for athletes, event organizers and professionals in the sports world.

Sponsor.me - In this crowdfunding platform you can put your sports project to get funding, with the great advantage that offers up to 10 different payment methods. No one will have an excuse not to contribute their bit!

Sinsponsor - It is a platform to facilitate communication between sports clubs and private companies that want to sponsor the club. On the platform you can categorize your crowdfunding depending on the sport of your club.

Makeachamp - The leader in crowdfunding for competitive sports. Global platform with presence in 52 countries and more than 2 million euros collected.

Crowdfunder - English platform with more than 13 million euros received between the different sports projects they promote.

Sponsorship for clubs and athletes

Sponsoo - On this platform, anyone can make athletes' dreams come true by becoming a sponsor. They have a portfolio with more than 6,000 athletes and 5,000 clubs.

Patrocinaundeportista.com - Platform focused on finding funding for top-level athletes to train and participate in national, European, world and Olympic championships.

Become a Pro - Connecting sponsors with athletes through a very simple process. With more than 1,000 athletes, it is one of the fastest growing platforms.

Streaming for sports clubs

Watchity - With this streaming platform you can produce live broadcasts using your mobile, public wifi or 4G networks. You can create and broadcast short and fast live streams or professional multi-camera broadcasts. Broadcasting also through different social networks.

Footters - For a monthly fee, Footers will broadcast 2nd and 3rd division soccer matches to subscribers on the platform. At the moment it is only focused on soccer clubs, but it may expand its offer later on.

YouTube - YouTube is the world's largest audiovisual content platform. You can take advantage of its millions of users to broadcast live videos and reach a large audience.

Twitch - La plataforma reina en streaming hoy por hoy. Sobre todo posicionada en el sector de esports, cada vez son más los clubes que optan por esta herramienta para sus retransmisiones en vivo

Accounting for sports clubs

Bewe - Although it is more focused on sports centers and gyms, you can use the tool for your club by adapting it a little bit. Among other features, it offers you the possibility to manage your club's accounting, controlling invoicing, cash and expenses.

Email marketing for your sports club

Mailchimp - Mailchimp is one of the most interesting solutions available for email marketing. Manage the list of subscribers and send a newsletter, new blog posts or any relevant news about your club.

Pipedrive - One of the best CRM for sports clubs. It allows you to perform email marketing, as well as manage your clients/athletes and automate several tasks related to the marketing of your club. We have made a comparison with the rest of CRMs for clubs in a post.

As you can see, here are several tools that can make it easier to perform your day-to-day tasks. Leverage technology to get things done faster, and spend your time on what's really important. Get to know all the technological solutions for sports clubs that we have in Clupik.


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