«The importance of sports consultancy»

Webinar Series #10
Post by Beñat, 21 de enero de 2022

The first session of the Clupik Webinar Series 2022 was a great success. And no wonder, having a speaker of the stature of Jorge Mur Ortega.

Jorge, partner of Mur Asesores and specialist in taxation and labour issues for sports organisations, has extensive experience in the sector.

He approached the session in a very practical way, where he addressed all the doubts that anyone who is thinking of starting a club, or who already belongs to one, may have.

The video is in Spanish, but you can watch it with English subtitles.

How to set up a sports club?

The session started with this approach for the "newbies" in the sector. Those who are considering setting up a club.

The process is quite simple. But as Jorge said, "you have to be clear about the concepts", and bear in mind that "each Autonomous Community has its own small adaptations".

However, it is a procedure that a skilled person can do, with or without the help of a sports consultant.

Obligations of a sports club

In the second part of the webinar, Jorge told us about the main obligations of clubs. Issues related to VAT, taxes, social security... which at first sight may sound "boring", were treated in a very light and practical way, making us see the implications between "doing things right or doing things wrong".

Normally, club managers who choose to work with a consultancy firm do so from a position of fear. Fear that they may be fined for not submitting a form or for irregularities. But the reality is that most clubs can also save money by working with consultancies. Jorge recounted two real examples where clubs working with him saved a great deal of money by being clear about certain concepts and common sense.

Question and answer time

Although the webinar took place in an interview format, where our CMO Beñat Bengoetxea took the baton of interviewer (as has been usual in recent sessions), the attendees were very proactive in the chat and Jorge kindly answered all the questions during the session.

In a months’ time

it will be the turn of Joana Egea, where she will talk about the role of women in sports management and entrepreneurship. A webinar not to be missed, we look forward to seeing you there!

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