«What to study to run a sports club?»

Webinar Series #4
Post by Beñat, 15 de julio de 2021

Who said that Tuesday the 13th is the day of bad luck?

At Clupik we are in luck, our Webinar Series continues to grow and improve, and yesterday's chapter was no different. We are testing new webinar formats to offer you variety in our communication service, always adapting the format that best suits the subject matter. Do you want to know more?

Dr. César Iribarren, Director of the Master in Sports Management of the UPV in Valencia, together with Martín del Río, member of the Board of Directors of CD Universidad Católica de Chile, yesterday shared different perspectives on what is necessary to study, in order to manage a sports club. Thanks to the participation of both, together with our moderator Beñat Bengoetxea (CMO of Clupik), we were able to enjoy an afternoon with personal reflections about the world of sports management.

The webinar is in Spanish, but you can put the subtitles in English.

First, we had the assistance of Martín, who spoke to us about the context of sports management as a professional working for Cruzados Club de Fútbol.

What did Martín talk about?

  • The importance of training to be able to work as a manager in the sports area.
  • To be able to recreate yourself as a professional, covering new fields that you didn't know about before.
  • That the master's degree in sports management teaches you the different areas that are necessary to manage a club.
  • The impetus that Covid19 has generated towards the digitalisation of sports clubs.
  • The situation in Chile in the sports market.

What are the tips that Martín mentions for running a sports club?

To be able to train in sports management, training is the bridge, not only of knowledge, but also of making contacts. To have a desire to improve, to be constant in your objectives and your goals. All this will make you a real sports manager.

On the other hand, the face of teaching, César, with his long teaching career and professional experiences in the world of sports management, helped us to contemplate different ways to reach the goal of managing a club.

What did César talk about?

  • His beginnings in the world of sports management.
  • The keys for today's clubs in being able to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself.
  • The careers that most influence access to the Master's degree in sports management.
  • The disadvantages of doing a Master's degree in a specific sport compared to a generic Master's degree in management.
  • Why the master's degree at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia has been successful for 17 years and what its key elements are.
  • Difference between sports director and sports manager.
  • Sports managers or sports-focused managers?

 What are the tips that César mentions for managing a sports club?

Training in the first place, once we have acquired the knowledge, being transversal, having leadership, organisation, sacrifice, desire to improve, knowing how to adapt, not saying no, being hard-working, constant, and knowing how to make decisions.

All these points are developed in the video that we have on our youtube link, do not hesitate to subscribe to receive notifications and stay up to date!

As César and Martín recommended, training is the basis of good professional development. If you are interested in starting your way in the world of sport, don't forget to take the advice of these professionals!

To end this first pre- season summer of free Webinars, on July 27th we will have the assistance of Santi Navarro, Teamsports Director of Futbol Emotion, who will talk about the advantages of your club having its own online shop. You can't miss it!

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