4 reasons why an athlete will choose your club over another

Post by Beñat, 3 de noviembre de 2019

Today, we are in a market where demand has outpaced supply. And in the sports world, its certainly no different. There are a multitude of different sports clubs. And we're not talking at the state level. In your own locality, you probably have at least one club with the same characteristics as yours.

But beware! Your competition is not just clubs within the same sport modality that is in your same neighbourhood, no. You compete against an endless offer of leisure activities. Your competition is clubs from other locations. They are clubs of other modalities. They are the painting academy or the first aid courses. In short, you compete against any alternative that is worth the time that people dedicate for their leisure.

We don’t have to tell you that people compare different offers to spend their free time, or that of their or their children's. Therefore, your club should have some key factors that differentiate them and position them above the competition. And you should be able to transmit it in the best way possible to potential new partners.

1. Athletes are the users. Customers are the parents

The goal of a club should be to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle through sport. This is not to say that new members only choose your club for the sake of playing sports. Normally, there is something "extra". A determining factor that makes that person choose your club over another club or activity.

If in your club you have a junior section, surely this rings s a bell. Many parents let their children decide the sport: "It's only football that the child likes." This is a typical case. But we all know that children are very influenceable, and what they choose sometimes doesn't have to be the best thing for them. In fact, it usually isn't.

Other times, children try to imitate parents or friends. Therefore, this decision will also depend to a large extent on the people around you.

Not to say that a parent must force their children to play a sport they don't like. But you, as the head of the club, must be very clear about who the user is and who the customer is. The user must be attracted by the offer of your club. But its who pays that is the customer, and that is the parents. Be clear about this when thinking about your club's recruitment strategy.

Just as they do not choose their diet, they should not have the power to decide on their education at those ages. After all, sport will be a very powerful tool that will greatly influence your education in values.

2. Education and values first and foremost

Sport is something remarkable, it is the values it that it promotes. Sacrifice, perseverance, teamwork, overcoming, resilience... Keep this in mind when raising the values of your club.

Unless you have a club that people are attracted to because of their highly competitive level and where people want to play because they are the ones who get the best results, your approach should be different. Even in those clubs, what matters most is not "sporting quality", but "human quality". The most attractive clubs are those that offer these "extras". They are something intangible, that are perceived and also transmitted. Your club must be a place to socialize. A club where each member feels part of a family.

Meeting new people and making friends is an important factor for some when playing sports. Especially in the case of younger children, since many sign up for a sports club to make friends and be with their school friends in a different environment.

Not all clubs are the same or meet the minimum educational requirements. This will make it easier for parents to choose. Ideally, the club should have a clear educational vocation, and its coaches should be trained in this regard.

Every good club must have a set of values and standards in place. Ethics is also a key factor in attracting parents who want to enrol their children in your club.

3. Position your club, your brand, on the Internet

To get to know a club better and everything that surrounds it, the fastest and most common way to look for this club is on the Internet. The technological component comes into action here. To be competitive in this aspect, your club should cover the minimum requirements. It is not worth having 2 inactive social media profiles and a website which hasn’t been updated since 2014. Have a website adapted to your audience and updated in content, as well as active social profiles focused on your target audience.

Let's divide your digital presence into two sections: Before you meet and after finding you.

3.1 SEO for your sports club

The first step is to be found on the internet. And to do this, you must be well positioned in Google searches. If someone is looking for Club Deportivo Gorriones in Madrid, it is normal for the club to appear. But your challenge must be to appear in the first search results when someone searches for "Football school in Vallecas". The more global the search, the more difficult it will be to position yourself, since you will have more competitors, but also, there are more potential new members. What about appearing as the first search result when someone types "sports clubs in Madrid".

In this post we give you more tips on how to attract new partners in the digital age.

3.2 Website and social networks where the user experience prevails

Just as SEO is the promotion and showcase of your store, you must conceive your website and your social networks as the store itself. You have already gotten a potential partner to enter your store, now you must sell it. What's more, you don't have to sell to him. He should buy because he has an unsustainable desire to take everything home!

Well, that's the approach you must have on your social media. Someone who enters your website has to be attracted. A good aesthetic, careful design and a web usability that invites you to explore the different sections without getting lost.

Once you've passed on all the important information, it's time for that visitor to become a customer. It facilitates conversion with contact forms, club registration forms, newsletter, and different types of digital marketing strategies.

As we mentioned, in addition to a website, it is advisable to have active profiles on social networks. Try uploading interesting and fun content about what your club does, which is what is really valued the most. And above all, look for interaction with your members and potential members. That will generate great confidence and encourage them to want to be part of that circle.

4. Offer a multitude of services and activities

Regarding services, it can be attractive for your club to offer a wide variety of services and activities. Beyond the usual activities that a sports club can offer such as training and competitions. Stick with the following ideas:

  • You can hold special events. For example, with team building or educational characteristics.
  • You can organize a summer, Christmas, or Easter camp.
  • You can host competitions or annual tournaments, either on your own or by collaborating with other entities and clubs
  • Organize trips. From tournaments in other locations to trips that are not directly related to sports practice, but are made with a more fun or cultural character
  • Organize "club day", promote the activities and invent games and new dynamics
  • Organize the "Beer Fair", "popular food" or some other social event related to eating and drinking
  • Organize different activities in pre-season such as hikingkayakingpaintball or karting.
  • Offer an educational alternative for coaches, physical trainers or referees.
  • Innovate, innovate, innovate. As you can see, there are millions of ideas, you're sure to think of more.
  • Digitize your club. Give it another approach and add value through your digital assets.

When you organize new activities, it is very important to know the opinions of the athletes and parents. It is essential that you get feedback to improve different aspects of your club, so that the next time you organize them it is a memorable event.

In addition, you will display that your club is interested in the opinion of its members and that it takes them into account.

In short, choosing a sports club is not a decision that is made in a day, because many alternatives are studied. But we can assure you that a club can be discarded in a day, or even in seconds.

A parent wants the best for their child so, first, make sure your club offers it, and then take care of knowing how to reach them and pass it on.

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