15 irrefutable reasons why you should use online payment

Post by Beñat, 2 de noviembre de 2021

You will probably be convinced that online payment is a very good alternative to charge athletes and partners. However, for all those sceptics, today I bring you 15 irrefutable reasons why you should use online payment if you do not already do so.

1. Increase the club's income

Clupik's research concludes that clubs that move payments to the Internet collect on average 20% more revenue.

Why? Because those in charge of the club can easily see who has paid and who has not. Those who do not pay are identified and sent a reminder with a direct link to pay online through the club's website.

No more defaults. Collect all the money you are owed with our online payment system.

2. Collect recurring payments and on-time payments

Some members find it difficult to pay the full annual fee in a month. This can deter players and families from joining your club.

Online payment has the option to split payments over several months, creating a recurring payment. This makes it more affordable for members and families with tighter finances.

The same process can be used to sell season tickets, mid or post season activities and fundraising events.

3. Follow and record every payment from the club

Every online payment the club receives is recorded and tracked in real time on the club's dashboard. A system is used to see when a payment is being processed, if it has been successfully collected, or if the payment has failed.

Club managers can react instantly by contacting the member or sending another payment request.

4. Create and download payment reports

Each payment attempt is recorded in the payment database. Club managers can filter by member name, team or role, product type or date.

Reports can be created in seconds and downloaded to Excel.

5. Send emails to members requesting payment

If you know the names of the members who owe money (membership fees, fines, pending payments, etc.) you can send an email directly to the member and include the payment details and a link to pay online through the club's website.

The person simply follows the link and pays online.

It's super comfortable for everyone!

6. Send email reminders if payments are delayed

No one likes to chase colleagues, athletes, and families to pay their debts.

That's why, if a member is late in payment or ignores their first payment request, there is no problem. Simply select the person from the payment list and send them a payment reminder.

No more chasing at the club's headquarters or on the training ground. Just send a quick and polite email to the colleagues’ inbox requesting payment. Job done!

7. Process payments at any time

By moving traditional payments to online payment, your club can charge any day, at any time. It does not depend on the club's headquarters being open, nor on the club manager being present to collect.

Instead, club members can visit the club's website and pay online at a time that suits them. At work, at home, on the bus, on the train... anywhere with Internet access.

Now, partners have no excuses for not paying.

8. Store all your club data, securely and in one place

Payment data together with members' data are stored securely in the club's database. Gone are paper forms that can get lost, or unsecured spreadsheets that are shared via email.

Instead, Clupik collects and secures all your vital data online in a secure database – where your club can decide who has access.

9. Offer your partners what they want: online payments

Think that all the members, athletes, and their families, already pay online for the products and services they consume.

Flights are purchased online, electricity and gas are paid online, and products purchased online via Amazon etc.

A new athlete or member will not come with a cheque to pay you. On the contrary, you will be happy to pay online using a debit or credit card.

Surely, even if you fear that may not be the case, we believe that your current partners and athletes also prefer it. Check.

10. Save. It's cheaper than you think

If you compare all the costs of charging manually versus charging online, it is very difficult for digital payment to lose out in the comparison. This form of payment is excellent value for money and in the end, costs are saved.

In fact, you can read this article where we tell you how you can save costs with online payment.

11. Reduce paperwork

To those who run a club, I'm not telling you anything new, mountains of paperwork, endless forms to fill out and check, data and information of unregistered players, health forms...

With Clupik you can reduce up to 100% the paperwork related to payments in your club (as well as in other areas. You can see what other functions here Clupik scans in this link)

No more paper forms and supporting documents. Only simple online forms that any member can fill out at any time.

12. Avoid cash or cheques

Very few members carry cash today. We mean enough money to pay for a registration, for example.

Instead, they will require online payments through a credit or debit card, or through other payment systems such as PayPal. Clupik is one more alternative, ensuring that your club can always receive payment whilst connecting you with the rest of your club's functionalities.

Make it easy for your partners to pay. Don't miss a payment again or offer excuses for not paying.

13. Eliminate trips to the bank

Forget about the endless trips to the bank and the queueing involved. Neither you nor anyone in charge of the club want to take the risk of carrying cash.

Instead, with online payment you will transfer the money directly from your member's bank account to your club's bank account, without intermediaries.

Safer than ever and saving the valuable time of those responsible for the club.

14. Minimize risks: Total transparency

To run a club successfully, there must be total trust among all those in charge of the club. This includes managing large amounts of money, especially membership fees.

When collecting payments online, a digital record of each payment will be created. Your club will enjoy full transparency as to how much money is raised, how it has been charged and which bank account it has been subscribed to.

15. Connect all areas of your club

If you have a club management tool like Clupik, the fact of having the online payment option configured, will allow you to have a control and record of everything that happens in your club.

You can link to each athlete all the payments made and pending, take out reports for teams or groups and even take advantage of data that you already have saved in the database to expedite payments and registrations.

You can also automate certain procedures such as the reminder for payments and the sending of receipts to users. In short, a way to digitize and digitally transform not only payments, but also the entire club.


Do you want to start using online payment in your club now? Sign up and try Clupik Pay for free today

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