«Online shop at your club - is it worth it?»

Webinar Series #5
Post by Beñat, 28 de julio de 2021

End of the first season of Clupik Webinar Series!

As a final touch to this atypical season that leaves no one indifferent, we have been lucky enough to have the participation of Santi Navarro, director of Teamsports in FútbolEmotion.

FútbolEmotion is focused on the online sale of football items, being the leading company in Spain and being part of the top 3 in Europe. What better way than to have their sales director to talk to us about whether it is worth having an online shop in your club.

Do you want to know more? The webinar is in Spanish, but you can put the subtitles in English.

Introduction offline vs online framework

As Santi has let us know, success is obtained after effort and hard work, and this great team has been working since 2001!

In its beginnings they were specialized in goalkeeper's equipment, nowadays they are the reference company for football players. How has it been possible that this company has become the national reference for an online shop?

With data, e-commerce has been increasing over time, according to statistics, in 2020 the population that buys online will rise to 73%, more and more people are buying their products through clicks!

What makes FútbolEmotion different is the way they work, the facilities they offer to their buyers, their customer service and all the extra services to the purchase of products, also having physical shops to magnify the customer experience.

Is it worth having an online shop?

Santi's answer is direct and concise: emphatically YES.

What should we consider before opening an online shop?

  • The quantity of products we are going to sell.
  • The prices
  • The stock
  • Logistics
  • Customer service

However, each club must be aware of where it is and what capacity it has to manage its online shop. What are the management models proposed by Santi?

Own online management:

It is a complex type of management that not everyone can do, teams must be able to make a firm long-term programming and be able to assume it at a financial level. In this type of management, FútbolEmotion acts as a logistic centre, being the centre of all the stock and providing the finished material as the club requests it. The club, for its part, manages all its products online and offline.

Thirs-party management:

The teams that carry out this type of management are those that cannot programme their stock in the long term. FútbolEmotion makes the programming based on the club's data, carries out the distribution and creates a microsite so that the club can sell online in its own way.

Hybrid management (future):

The teams manage the club with an app, FútbolEmotion delegates the distribution of kits and through this platform they also sell tickets, merchandising or any other type of product or service.

FútbolEmotion's distribution model

  • They have all the material in their logistic centre, and as soon as the stock runs out they replenish it, so the final buyer does not have to wait for his order to arrive.
  • They do the printing themselves and thanks to a video tutorial, buyers can choose the size that best suits their needs.
  • It has the most competitive brands as strategic partners, this helps in its own sales and also the club's own sales expansion.
  • It offers financing to its customers.
  • FutbolEmotion is a means, not an end, and is in a continuous process of improvement in the services offered to its buyers, as well as the treatment and customised attention.

You will be able to see all this and much more in the webinar with our youtube link. Once again, don't forget to subscribe to receive notifications and stay up to date with all the latest information!

Also, from Clupik we remind you that from September our “online shop” module  will be available in our app and management tool, so you can benefit from the advantages of your club having its own online shop available 24/7! The wait will be worth it!

Thanks to all the speakers who have been part of the first block of Clupik Webinar Series, and for you clupiker, who are part of this family, in September we will be back with more material that suits your needs, to give you more information and your team the most powerful start to the season possible.

Happy summer!


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