Big changes in Clupik this May

Post by Beñat, 18 de mayo de 2022

Switch to online payment. Switch to Clupik Pay

From now on, you can centralise all your club's payments with our new digital payment method: Clupik Pay.

With Clupik Pay, you won't have to manage multiple payment methods, control non-payments, check movements manually and chase people. The payment revolution in the sports sector has arrived!

With the help of technology from the market leader in online payments, Stripe, we have developed an agile and 100% secure payment method for all clubs.

At the moment, all users in Spain, Mexico, USA and Brazil will be able to start using it. And for the rest of the countries, we will have news soon.

Goodbye to tedious processes to register virtual POS or connect payment platforms. You can register quickly from Clupik. Contact your customer service person if you have any questions.

Tutorials from the administrator

Our administrators have launched a help section with video-tutorials on our different features. 

In addition, you will have the option to open a ticket (incident, doubt or query) and request a date and time to have a video call with the customer service team. 

Users merge

 You can now link users to avoid duplicate accounts. Both accounts will be merged, and you will be able to choose what data is kept. 

There will be restrictions in the case of active users. We report all data changes 

Other improvements in Clupik 

Filters by date range in tables

Any table that contains a date field will have a selector by range, rather than by individual date. 

Export relevant registrations

You can export a file with all relevant registrations by organizing the file with tabs. At the moment, it is a process that takes a while to execute. You'll need to keep the tab open in the meantime. 

Breakdown of movements

We have made a noticeable improvement to the display of the breakdown and the editing of transfers within the tool. 

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