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Post by Beñat, 1 de marzo de 2022

In sport as in life, we are in constant contact with each other and the most successful societies are those that have managed to unite specialists to achieve synergy. In the world of sports management there are also agents who specialise in creating better solutions to everyday problems in the sector. That's why at Clupik we believe that allying with them is the best thing we can do to add value for everyone.

Clubs, users and partners will benefit from the launch of Clupik Solutions!

What is Clupik Solutions?

It is a Marketplace with different kinds of solutions for the world of sport: it is a compilation of the best software, products, training and services offered by our Partners, all gathered in one place. It is focused on providing value to all stakeholders in the sports ecosystem: coaches, players, managers, companies, facilities...

What will you find at Solutions?

At Clupik Solutions you will find a multitude of solutions with special conditions:

What are the benefits of belonging to Clupik Solutions?

Being one of the companies that offers its services through Clupik Solutions, means appearing in a marketplace that will give greater exposure and positioning of your brand. Our Partners find the best way to present their products in a single space where they can connect solutions of various types, adapting better and better to the needs of users and sports managers.

Our partners

Here is a list of the partners with whom we are starting this section which is constantly growing. With them, together with Clupik, we seek to offer the best solutions for the needs of your club or sports organisation:

  • Software: Kickly, Seyu, Competize, Iterpro, Teamtag, Once, BasketStatsApp, Mycrocast, Sportiw, BasketStatApp, Tiketblok, Resasport, LSD Live, Valorafútbol y Sportifan.
  • Products: Fútbol Emotion, FieldWiz, Oliver y 2ndSkull.
  • Training: UCAM, LG Basquet, SEAS, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, ESBS, ESEI, Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid, MBP School of coaches, Johan Cruyff Institute, Deporte MBA, EFAD, Deaquiparafuera, Esports Bureau Formación y Esportian.
  • Services: Mur Asesores, Ore Esports, 4Football, 4Pro abogados y economistas, Ubitrack y SportsColab.

Take a look at our Marketplace!

If you want to join our Marketplace, don't hesitate to write to us!

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