«Keys to 360° leadership based on influence»

Webinar Series #3
Post by Beñat, 30 de junio de 2021

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have Javier Garcia on our #3 stop of the Clupik Webinar Series. If you want a good reflection on talent development, we have it in full so you don't miss anything.

Javier García is the partner and director of Invictus, a company focused on training and talent development in companies, using methods that combine business and sport.

Before knowing the areas Javier highlighted, he points out that the key ideas were taken from the book "The 360º Leader: How to develop your influence from any position within your organisation" by John C. Maxwell.

The webinar is in Spanish, but you can put the subtitles in English.


Identify the keys to lead your teams and maximise their performance.

From the point of view of the command area, it is essential to know your employees, what their strengths and weaknesses are, in this way we can enhance the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses based on values such as trust, empathy and respect.

When a worker is aware of the trust placed in him, he feels the need to give the best of himself and that is when we maximise his capabilities.

Discover 360° leadership based on influence

Leaders do not always have to be the bosses or those in charge of team management. Javier tells us that a leader is a point of reference because of his vision, because he gives importance to everyone, inspires and makes people feel valued, gives encouragement, confidence, and connects with words and gestures. When we meet someone like this in our work environment, we will see their influence in a positive way with the rest of the workers and they will be a 360º leader.

Learn how to build trust and commitment in your teams.

Its not only the worker that must have training to be more productive, the people who lead a team must also have the ability to teach and build trust, so that their workers feel free to express what they think, delegate tasks to them and even develop new proposals. Everyone forming the same team, regardless of their position, will make the company function at an exponential level.

Discover how to connect, encourage and empower your teams.

Connecting based on emotions, encouraging capabilities and strengths to achieve results and empowering workers by delegating power and authority in their decisions. This is what Javier highlights with a practical sports example in football. Johan Cruyff trusted Guardiola, Guardiola trusted Messi and between the values that were given to each other they obtained a single result, success.

These are the points that Javier offered us, enjoy a good time of reflection by rewatching the webinar from our youtube channel and do not hesitate to subscribe to stay up to date with all the information without notice.


Finally, as Javier would say, "And you, what do you value most in the people around you?"


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