Guide to find a sponsor for your sports club [Free eBook]

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From Clupik we have prepared an ebook on how to find sponsors for your sports club. We tell you the 11 most important points that you have to take into account, in this post you will find them summarised but in the ebook you have everything much more developed. And you will also have a sponsorship dossier template, so you can download it and use it for your club.

eBook "Guide to find a sponsor for your sports club"


1. Introduction to sports marketing

Mixing the concepts of Philip Kotler (father of the marketing concept) and Phil Knight (father of sports marketing), I can say that sports marketing is a marketing discipline based on the application of the 4Ps of marketing in the field of sports.

It can also be approached as a marketing discipline that creates an emotional link between the fan, or user, with the brand (sports property) generating business opportunities through this link.

2. Sports sponsors (definition and types)

Sports sponsorship is a tool of the sports marketing discipline in which a company associates its values to a sports entity, athlete or sporting event, through an economic consideration/specie.

  • Economic sponsor
  • Material Sponsor
  • Media sponsor
  • Named sponsor

3. Analysis, strategy, positioning and development

It is necessary to analyze your club's past and present situation. If you are a small club without a history of sponsorship, you should make a simple budget.  It will help you know how much money you need to raise from future sponsors.

From that situation, you need to develop a positioning, the first brand design guidelines from that positioning and start developing the possible business plans you can make.

4. Dossier of your sports club

This dossier will be a document that you can show to potential sponsors to try to sign an agreement with them.

The dossier should include detailed and perfectly organized information about the evolution of the club at an economic, media and social level, corroborated with studies carried out.

5. Identify the geographic reach of your sponsorships

Another factor to consider is the geographic scope you want for your sponsorships. Depending on whether your club is small, medium or large, it will have different projections.

This is important, because brands also have their own marketing objectives, that you may have to seek out in order to be fully aligned with them.

6. Know your “Fan Base”

Knowing the audience you are reaching and presenting this data to potential sponsors, with the suitability of the target audience identified by the brand with the audience attracted by your sports organization, will be a hugely attractive added value for any brand.

7. Define sports sponsorship packages

It is very important (and I emphasize the very important) is to "package" the different sponsorships that you are going to do.

Basically, you will have to create a pyramid or structure, defining the participations that each sponsor will have from the least exclusive to the most exclusive.

8. Considerations of your sponsorship packages

Sponsorship activations are those commercial, marketing and advertising activities developed by a brand, which, based on the use of the rights obtained from a sport property through a sponsorship contract, will be used to communicate it to consumers and to achieve the rest of the objectives set for it.

There are many examples of such considerations.

9. Typology of sponsorships

You have to take into account the needs of your club, the branding strategy that you carry out in your club and the budget, based on the classification that we discussed earlier in the guide and the types of companies that are usually related to sport: public institutions, local companies and companies involved in sport.

  • Public institutions
  • Local businesses
  • Companies/brands involved in sports

10. Contact to sponsors

Once you have done all of the above, you will probably have a list of potential sponsors ranked from highest priority to lowest, with their respective alternatives. As I mentioned before, your club is not alone when looking for sponsors and there is a lot of competition.

11. Evolution from sponsor to partner

From the moment the sponsorship is acquired, it is necessary to propose a path to walk together hand in hand, with each party concerned about the results of the other, their respective situations, and the actions both can take to help the other party to achieve its goals. It is more of an attitude. This concept of “partners" is based on the idea of "win-win" relationships.

eBook "Guide to find a sponsor for your sports club"

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