How to use Clupik to generate more revenue

Post by Clupik, 21 de abril de 2023

One of the biggest challenges for any sports club today is to achieve sustainable and regular sources of income. For a long time, small and medium-sized clubs have relied heavily on athlete registrations, which in many cases have been the main source of profit. But there are many complementary ways in which income can be generated to help the club grow.

It must be taken into account that the other ways of generating income that we are going to mention are relatively new in amateur or semi-professional sport and have managed to establish themselves thanks to the professionalisation of the sport in recent years.

With this in mind, here are the 5 main methods of earning money that your sports club has to carry out, adapted to the category you have:

  • TV rights
  • Ticketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Merchandising
  • Social Media

These methods are developed in our article on how to generate income in a sports club, where I detail how to implement them and the multiple benefits you can get from them.

All these options are complicated to implement if you do not have the necessary knowledge or the optimal initial investment. In order to facilitate these steps and help sports clubs to generate more revenue, Clupik will show you how to use our tool to get the most out of these methods, reducing money and time costs.

Television rights

Sports broadcasting is the biggest source of revenue for top-level clubs with million-dollar contracts at present. For smaller clubs, however, it is something that is beginning to take place, but on platforms other than television. Some examples are Twitch or Youtube where we can find more and more minor league games every day. A clear example is the esports clubs, which exploit these channels to the maximum.

A great advantage that Clupik's tool offers in order to build a good broadcasting structure is the automated database that we provide our clients with. With it, it will be much easier to collect data from people related or interested in the club in order to promote the matches through marketing strategies and for the broadcasts to obtain a greater number of viewers in order to use the monetisation options that these tools have.


Ticketing is another great basis for profit for sports clubs. However, for it to be really profitable there has to be a marketing work behind it where the club and first team matches are promoted so that the fans are attracted and willing to pay the ticket price.

Once again, Clupik's competition module will help to fulfil these marketing functions.

  • You have the opportunity to view the results of the matches in real-time
  • Obtain statistics
  • Automate team results

These three functions will have a direct effect on the engagement that the club has with its fans and will increase rapidly by offering this type of quality content. This will have a direct influence on match ticket sales as the more interested fans there are, the more fans will also come to the stadium to watch the matches.

There are also dedicated ticketing companies such as Tiketblok that make the club's job much easier.


Sports sponsorship is something that has only relatively recently arrived in the semi-professional section of the sports industry. It is undoubtedly a difficult tool to manage as many club managers are not able to visualise all the opportunities it offers but if done correctly it can generate a large amount of revenue as well as positively affect the image of the club. To find out more about sports sponsorship you can visit our article on the subject by clicking here.

The most complicated part of closing a sponsorship deal is maintaining active communication with the company or brand in question. Clupik facilitates this process thanks to our communication module with which it is very easy to keep in the same conversation with administration, marketing or any other department in an internal, simple and effective way. Not to mention that this module is also used to maintain direct contact with players and coaches to maintain a clear organisational structure and calendar, facilitating a large number of day-to-day activities.

If you want to know more about our Sponsorship Dossier service, you can see the full description of our service here.



Merchandising club products is another method that has been used for a long time in both physical and digital shops. At Clupik we know how expensive it can be to manage an e-commerce platform, so with our software we have decided to include a section for your club's online commerce.

This is one of the functionalities we offer. The creation of an e-commerce system for clubs has many advantages. Among them is being able to maintain an active point of sale 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the possibility of controlling the stock at all times.

In addition, with our automated payment system, the shop's accounts will be automatically kept, saving a lot of time for the club's sales department manager.

Finally, it is an excellent way to enlarge the database of your club with different people interested in it and that can then be used to create marketing campaigns.

Social Networking

This last point is related to the ability to generate revenue indirectly through digital environments. It is essential to manage your club's social networks correctly.

Clupik offers many solutions to improve the digital media presence of your sports club. The first and most important is the development of an app and a high quality website fully customised with the theme, logos and colours of your club that will serve to attract more users and therefore generate "leads" or what is the same: potential customers.

Focusing exclusively on social networks, thanks to the incorporation of our partner Kickly to our software, you will be able to use the best designs for your internet accounts at no extra cost.

All this will generate an improvement in the club's image in the digital world, which is highly important nowadays, and which will translate into more people interested in the club. From players and coaches to brands or sports companies and what in the end means more opportunities for monetisation.

Finally, Clupik has an accounting management software where you can record all the new revenue you earn through these 5 methods. The data will be automatically collected and transferred to a database, greatly facilitating the management of the club's accounts.

As you can see, Clupik and its functionalities offer a 360-degree service for a sports club, seeking above all to facilitate all management and increase income.

Download our summary presentation on "How to use Clupik to generate more revenue".

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