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Post by Beñat, 25 de mayo de 2021

The registration module is one of the most interesting for clubs.

Moving from managing registrations in person and with pen and paper to doing so online is a substantial change.

There are those who are "a little more technological" and do it through WhatsApp groups or with Google forms that are not connected.

This process is flexible but very time consuming, many hours hours are lost organising and keeping track of all the registrations.

With Clupik registrations, you can manage a variety of registrations, signing new athletes, to activities or summer camps. It allows you to customise the inscriptions to your needs, allowing select dates, prices, and multiple custom fields.

But hey, enough from me, hear what the clubs that are already using it have to say:

Paula López, Head of Communication at Club Baloncesto El Palo (Málaga)

Our club is a club with many years of history. A very large structure with many teams that require a lot of time to coordinate correctly. Since we introduced Clupik, the day-to-day management of the club has given a huge qualitative change. Above all, on the subject of inscriptions.

Before, we made the registrations like most clubs. Players or families had to fill out a paper form, and admin people had to pass all that data to an excel.

Logically, it was a non-agile process, and we did not have all the information centralized. In addition, it was very difficult to communicate with the families so that they could make the registrations in a timely manner. There was always a lot of cluelessness that did not arrive on time.

Now, both the registrations for the new season and the registrations for our activities such as the campuses, we do them through Clupik.


Mamen de Vicente, Administrative Secretary at CDE Rugby Alcorcón (Madrid)

Last season we registered with Clupik for the first time. At first, of course, we had uncertainty about whether athletes and families were going to adapt to online registrations. All our doubts were dispelled when we kicked off and started receiving the registrations.

The registration process is very simple, and allows us to configure the registrations and payments in the way that suits us, and thus be able to receive the necessary information and the corresponding payments without having to review all the registrations one by one.

Once we have taken the step of raising the inscriptions with Clupik, we will not return to the outdated method. It is a great advance and a relief for all those who take care of managing the highs every season.


Jon Ander Arana, coordinator at Sporting de Lutxana (Vizcaya)

We are a club with more than 100 years of experience, and of course, we have evolved in all aspects over the years. Digitalization is something that has been integrated little by little and last year, we decided to take the step. Thanks to Clupik, we have had the opportunity to test how the virtual world works for the management of our club and the experience has been very positive.

Eliminating old operations has not only improved the economic performance of the club, it has also streamlined internal processes. Something as simple as registrations made lost us hours of reviews, payment controls, attendance schedules and training preparation. After all, it is a task that must be done yes or yes, but that does not add value for the club to continue evolving.

Now we can centralize all registrations in the same process. Families only have to enter our website, carry out the registration process at any time of the day and we already obtain the registration requests directly. Without a doubt, it is something that we would have done much earlier.


Juan Carlos Manrique, coordinator and coach at Club Kárate Pozuelo (Madrid)

In 2010, we decided to create this club to accommodate karatekas who were finishing their academic courses and wanted to continue enriching themselves with this sport, based on respect and solid principles.

Thanks to our new digital tools we have noticed an evolutionary leap in the work of the club and in the expansion of our image.

I would like to highlight the clupik inscriptions section. For us, it is the key section. While before we spent a lot of effort not only in preparing the registrations, but in following up on them, now it is something automatic, and the best thing is that any family member at any time can make the discharge.

Registrations that we considered complex can be scheduled with the registration creator, and automatically calculates and charges the price that each athlete has to pay with online payment. Although it is true that we continue to retain other payment methods such as direct debit. The good thing about Clupik is that it allows you to use any payment method: online, direct debits, transfers or cash.

David de Diego, president at Club Balonmano Viana (Valladolid)

The Viana de Cega Handball Club is a committed club, eager to teach and continue learning. Therefore, we take the option to continue improving and get closer to our followers. With the help of Clupik we were able to make it happen, offering a website and app to all our players, family and fans.

We've seen how we've evolved by sharing data, interviews, news and photos with all our followers. This keeps us united, we don't just want to be an excellent club from the outside. We have also managed to improve our entire internal management system.

Registration management seems like a simple process, but as we have been gaining volume of players it has been a process that has slowed down. Create an excel with all the details, maintain a space of attention for doubts or face-to-face registrations, wait for the confirmation of the payment to register etcetera etcetera.

Today we are operational 24 hours a day with Clupik, we have direct contact with families thanks to the web and app and best of all, automatic verification!

We are very grateful to be able to count on Clupik again for this season, the grassroots sport also deserved attention and professionalism in its processes and I am sure we will grow with it.


Gonzalo Zubiaurre, coach at CFS Castro Urdiales (Cantabria)

This year, we have opted for online registration with Clupik. Our registration is not excessively complex, but enough so that you would anticipate it several weeks before.

With the form that we have created in Clupik, in a single step, families not only fill in the athlete's data, but attach their photo, ID, tell us the size of the kits, sports information and information about the tutors themselves.

In addition, as all registrants have to accept the data protection policies, the club is covered for any future problems. Nothing ever happens, until it happens...

From here, not only will we use Clupik for inscriptions, but we have many other ideas in mind!

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