Top 14 Apps for basketball clubs

Post by Beñat, 15 de November de 2021

In the age of new technologies, there are more and more digital solutions. There are, obviously, generic solutions, which are valid for virtually any type of sports club.

In this post, I’m going to explore the best tools/apps for basketball clubs.

And I'm not just talking about performance and analysis based tools, which are usually the first type of basketball apps that come to mind. There are also apps for club management, communication, video analysis...

This list will show you the best platforms, both in app format, offline program, and cloud program in web-app format. These apps are for basketball directors, managers, coaches, players, fans, and analysts. In other words apps for everyone who has a passion for playing basketball


Basketball apps for managers and analysts

These are the essential digital solutions for club managers. You won't be using excel and pen and paper anymore. These tools will take your basketball club management to the level of professional clubs.

1. Clupik

Centralize the management and communication of your basketball club with its comprehensive solution for clubs. It allows you to have your own website and a customized app for your club, being able to incorporate the modules you consider appropriate. In addition, it provides a management tool, where you can centralize the management of tools and communications with members.

💡 Ideal for: Directors, webmasters and administrators.

➡️ Try a demo of Clupik

💰 Price: From 35€/month

2. LongoMatch

The best program to analyze videos of basketball games and training sessions with graphics like the ones you see on TV. It allows you to label and model video clips with interactive graphs. Analyze any video with Eleven, no internet connection required.

💡 Ideal for: Trainers and Analysts.

➡️ Subscribe to LongoMatch

💰 Price: From 9,99€/month

3. FastModel

FastModel leads the sports coaching industry with a suite of software products such as FastScout, FastRecruit and FastDraw, the diagramming and playbook software. Their software keeps coaches on the cutting edge by anticipating their every need, from customizing digital scouting reports to connecting your fans.

💡 Ideal for: Coaches, scouts and analysts.

➡️ Purchase any of FastModel's software.

💰 Price: From $24.99€.

4. Playpass

Playpass solves the most difficult problems for basketball sports managers.

Ideal tool to organize basketball leagues, making the most of your time and that of the rest of your organization's employees. It also makes club management possible.

💡 Ideal for: Managers and organizers.

➡️ Try Playpass for free

💰 Price: From $0 to $60/month

5. Sportiw

If you are looking for a tool to connect athletes and clubs, Sportiw is the app for you. It is a similar model to LinkedIn but between athletes, without differentiating between amateur and professional athletes.

💡 Ideal for: Athletes, clubs and agents.



➡️ Para más información puedes pinchar

Apps for basketball community managers.

When we refer to RRSS posts on sports club profiles the key is for the CM to generate visual content with an attractive and innovative design to attract the audience. Fans will interact more with the posts because your visual designs will capture their interest.

6. Kickly

Kickly, the tool that seems "simple", but turns out to be simply great. An online design app with templates to create graphic content about your basketball club in minutes.

Goodbye to paying graphic designers, goodbye to spending hours to create content and goodbye to large Photoshop files.

Community managers, editors, online media and club managers: the social media design revolution is here! Valid for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Stories. Coming soon in video format.

💡 Ideal for: Community managers, communication and digital media managers.

➡️ Try Kickly for free.

💰 Price: From 17€/month


Apps for basketball coaches

One of the most important things for people in charge of coaching basketball teams is designing drills. Not only do you get to digitize what has usually been done with a pen and a notebook, but it allows you to improve the analysis and data collection.

7. Ejercicios Baloncesto Base

If you are looking for an application to help you prepare for team training, this is your best option. With more than 300 exercises recommended by experts, the application is perfect for improving your team's technical and tactical preparation. Plus, to help you understand them, each exercise has a detailed description and an explanatory video.

💡 Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download Base Basketball Drills on Android.

➡️ Download Ejercicios Baloncesto Base on iOs

💰 Price: Free

8. Pizarra Táctica Baloncesto

This application is one of the most complete you will find on both Android and Apple. The app provides you with an interactive whiteboard where you can create an unlimited number of tactics and drills for the players. Once finished, you can export it outside the application, either in PDF or image format. It is also fully customizable, as it allows you to introduce your club and its players.

💡 Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download Basketball Tactical Slate on Android.

➡️ Download Pizarra Táctica Basketball on iOs

💰 Price: Free

9. TacticalPad Baloncesto

TacticalPad is one of the most complete tools, both for coaches and for assistants, analysts or journalists. It is very easy to use and agile, being able to be used both on computer and tablets or mobile. As for its functions, you can count on several tactical boards, support for animated plays and a notes blog for descriptions and clarifications you want to add.

💡 Ideal for: Coaches, analysts and journalists.

➡️ Download the demo for free

💰 Price: 59€/year

10. Virtual Scoreboard

It is an app where you can keep track of all the games played in your basketball club. It will help you to keep the score of the games, the time and the number of fouls in a simple and interactive way.

💡 Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download Virtual Scoreboard on Android.

➡️ Download Virtual Scoreboard on iOs

💰 Price: Between 0 and $4.99 (without ads).

11. esBasket

If you want to be updated on everything that happens in the world of basketball, I recommend you download esBasket. With this application you will have access to all the sports news from the most representative leagues in the world. In addition, you will be able to follow live standings, schedules, live scores and statistics of each team.

💡 Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download esBasket on Android

➡️ Download esBasket on iOs

💰 Price: Free

12. Coach Studio

This program in web-app format puts at your disposal a series of advanced tools for training management. It builds a large database to prepare your teams, organize training sessions and arrive at matches with the best possible preparation. It also allows you to share knowledge with other users subscribed to Coach Studio.

It works on computers, tablets and mobiles with updated browsers and is available in English, Spanish and Catalan.

💡 Ideal for: Managers, coordinators and directive.

➡️ Try Coach Study free for 7 days.

💰 Price: From 2,25€/month to 7,50€/month


Apps for basketball analysts

When we talk about data in sports, technology is more present than ever. Gone are the days of scouts with notebooks and notebooks with notes. There are specific tools to streamline all these processes, and facilitate the work of coaches, analysts and scouts.

13. Basket Stats Assistant

Track, analyze and share your basketball team's statistics. Advanced basketball statistics in your hands. One of the most downloaded apps in the stores.

Season stats, shooting percentages, individual stats, advanced stats, automatic "Plus-minus" calculation, fouls... and much more!

💡 Ideal for: Coaches and analysts.

➡️ Download BasketStatsAssistant on Android.

➡️ Download BasketStatsAssistant on iOs

💰 Price: Free

14. Competize

Especially useful to automate processes, create a large database and reduce work and get more benefits. What are you waiting for to facilitate the management of your leagues, tournaments and championships?

💡Ideal for: Clubs and competitions

➡️  Download Competize en Android

➡️  Download Competize en iOs

💰 Price: Free


These are the 14 specific apps and tools for your basketball club. Of course it is positive to use programs designed specifically for a basketball club, but there are others that, although not exactly designed for basketball clubs, help in the management, and improve the performance of your athletes.

In Clupik we have several innovative solutions for clubs and sports organizations. Do not miss any of them in our digital solutions section.

Do you know any other essential app for a basketball club? Write a comment and I will add it to the list.

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