7 apps for the management of sports activities

Post by Beñat, 20 de mayo de 2020

As always, technology is a great ally when it comes to organizing the day-to-day and performing tasks effectively. In a sports club, as in any company, numerous activities take place: training, competitions, trips, meetings, campuses, tournaments....

It is natural to look for tools to keep track of activities, such as a calendar of events or tools to confirm the implementation of certain activities within the sports organization. For this, there are certain applications that facilitate communication and organization of events or sports activities that your athletes must remember and do.

Google Calendar has always been one of the most used options for this type of activities. From Clupik, we invite you to use it, but surely you want to know the other apps for activity management that we have found for you.

Here is a list of the best apps to manage activities within your sports organization:


It is an all-in-one tool. Obviously, it has a calendar to organize all the activities, trainings, matches and competitions of your club, but it also integrates with the other modules of the tool, allowing you to connect your calendar with the club's app (provided by Clupik), your club's website (also to your liking), accounting, database, and many other options. What are you waiting for to try it?


It is a tool that allows you to add and complete tasks in a very simple and intuitive way, with a very clean interface, something to thank when we have many tasks to add. It is also a multiplatform task manager, that is, you can use it both on web and mobile.


Any.do is a task manager with cloud service that allows you to keep your to-do list up to date. Here you can classify the tasks in four different sections to give them more or less priority.

4.Remember the milk

It helps us to organize tasks and also has a system of alerts that makes us aware of the deadline point in which our obligations are.

5.Microsoft to do

It allows us to create smart lists with our tasks and also coordinate group activities. We can share the lists with other people who can also add and edit the tasks.


It is a calendar-based app that allows us to organize tasks, commitments and all kinds of activities. It not only shows us the activities we have pending, but also offers us the possibility to see the free spaces we have between tasks.

7.Do it tomorrow

Allows us to make lists of things that we have to do and another with some that can be left for the next day.

These are the apps that in our opinion are the best option to change a little of Google Calendar and to organize the day to day of the athletes of your sports club. If you want to know more about tips and lists to improve the management of your club, visit our post with more than 50 tools to improve the management of your sports club.

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