7 reasons why your sports club should have an app

Post by Beñat, 18 de junio de 2020

In the age of smartphones, people's lives revolve around the mobile phone. We move between applications to be informed or even to do everyday activities such as shopping or meeting people.

Therefore, there are numerous clubs that have decided to enter the world of new technologies. With them, the clubs reach many more people and have connected all their followers who are distributed throughout the world.

What are the reasons to have an app for your club?

1. Provide information to fans

One of the main reasons why they are created is to meet the demand for information and news that the fan wants. For example, a fan of a golf club will not find news in a traditional media about it, since it does not have as much impact as that of other clubs such as football or basketball.


2. Involve more fans and athletes

It's key to let fans participate and upload content. This can play an important role in the club's content strategy. The brand image is reinforced, constant feedback is received, and user engagement leads to their retention.


3. Work on a feeling of union and belonging

The app also has the function of uniting all the followers no matter the distance between them. One of the best strategies for this is to create content that invites participation, both with from club and among the followers themselves. Comment from time to time about how important the fans are for the club, give them that recognition and gratitude, which will remind them that they are a very important part of the machine.


4. Digitize day-to-day actions of my club


5. Offer services or products that can only be enjoyed from the app

Offer content that is first available and can only be obtained through your app.

For example, the purchase of tickets, the social events that the club makes or an agenda of sporting events in which it participates. Another idea is to publish images or videos of the club in competitions. The type of content that is striking and important for the followers of the club.


6. Communicate important club issues

You can use the app to comment on all the news of your club and any changes that occur. You can communicate the details of upcoming fixtures, new signings, or newly scheduled events. New technologies are always useful for communicating, as the public uses them daily.


7. Promote competitions and encourage engagement

Encourage all fans, members, and athletes to interact when your club is in a competition. This also allows you to create debates and comments before and after them, which will generate greater interaction from our followers.


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