The 16 best apps for a handball club

Post by Beñat, 10 de diciembre de 2021

Managing a handball club (or any other type of club) has always been a laborious task and one to which you end up "putting in a lot of hours".

Most club managers are volunteers, and collaborate in the club for the love of the art. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that you have to spend a lot of your time on day-to-day club tasks.

Fortunately, the constant technological evolution in which we live helps to facilitate many of the tasks of a club that, in the past, required more effort and dedication. Whether it's in sports or management.

If you are looking for what's going on in the technology market for your handball club, you've come to the right place.

I am going to show you some of the applications, platforms, tools and software for handball clubs that are revolutionizing the way of interacting in this sport.

Handball club management software, handball video analysis, handball drills, handball tactics and other handball apps, here it goes!

Tools for handball clubs management

1. Clupik

Clupik is the most comprehensive tool for handball clubs. Its slogan "your club in your pocket" refers to how it is able to synthesize all the tools, and use only one.

Management tool + personalized web + club app (own or generic app, you choose). Since working with the Madrid Handball Federation, dozens of clubs in Spain and other countries have joined Clupik's digital transformation.

Connect your entire club (management, coaches, athletes, parents, sponsors...) thanks to Clupik. Database, invoicing, registrations, communication, attendance... want to know more? Discover all the functionalities by trying a free demo.

? Ideal for: Directors, coaches, and coordinators.

➡️ Try a demo of Clupik

? Price: From 35€/month


2. Competize

Digital tool for managing leagues and tournaments that allows you to automate processes and improve communication with participants, both teams and fans, through its fan app. Reduce your workload, simplify logistics and differentiate yourself from your competition by providing value to your players.

Start using Competize for free, choose one of the monthly subscriptions with a 7-day free trial or sign up for an annual plan for a reduced price.

? Ideal for: Managers, administrators and coaches.

➡️ Organize your event/tournament.

? Price: From 9€/month (free for tournaments and small leagues).

Handball Video Analysis Apps

3. LongoMatch

LongoMatch is an easy-to-use analysis software for coaches and analysts who want to study the game live or after the match.

It imports video directly from your computer, labels the most important actions of the match and highlights specific moments of the game with amazing TV-like graphic elements.

? Ideal for: Analysts and trainers.

➡️ Try LongoMatch for free

? Price: From 9,99€/month


4. Dartfish

Build a winning team with high-performance video and data solutions. How? This software allows you to quickly define and highlight the most important moments of the game, create more effective strategies based on automated data, statistics and reports, and have a large database to prepare your team against your next opponent.

Big handball teams around the world already rely on Dartfish, so what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the 15-day free trial they offer.

? Ideal for: Analysts and trainers.

➡️ Try Dartfish for free

? Price: From 40€/month


5. Spiideo

Handball video recording and analysis is now easier and more convenient than ever. With Spiideo's 4K sports cameras installed in your stadium, video recording is always available. In addition the collected images and data are automatically stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere using your mobile device or computer.

? Ideal for: Analysts and trainers.

➡️ Request a demo of Spiideo.

? Price: You have to request a quote.


6. Performasports

This is software that helps simplify the process of performance analysis performed by handball coaches and analysts.

Visualize game patterns and get tactical information in real time to have an advantage over your opponents, help your players see what you want to tell them through drawing tools and offer them this material that they can see on their devices while traveling to improve certain aspects for the next game.

Don't miss the opportunity to try Performasports software for free for 21 days.

? Ideal for: Analysts and coaches.

➡️ Request a demo of Performasports

? Price: From 400€/year


Handball Drills Apps

7. Basic Handball Exercises

With this app you will be able to implement new exercises in your training sessions. This app contains more than 200 exercises that you can implement in your training. All of them, classified by age (from under 8 to over 18 years old) and by category (tactical, technical, physical, globalized, etc.).

In addition, to help you better understand the workouts, each of them contains a moving graphic or video that shows you the correct development of the activity.

? Ideal for: Players and Coaches.

➡️ Download Handball Base Exercises in PlayStore

? Price: Free


8. Tactic Hand

The Tactic Hand app is a very dynamic tool, as it allows you to visualize plays in 3D. On the other hand, the app, besides including several exercises, allows you to learn tactics and rehearsed plays that you can add to your whiteboard.

You should know that this app is only available for Apple users and is completely in English.

? Ideal for: Players and Coaches.

➡️ Download Tactic Hand on iOS

? Price: Free


9. Efficiency Match Sports

This is a universal app designed for coaches of all levels and any sport modality. It is characterized by being easy and convenient to manage. The application is very complete, focusing on both club management and training.

Among its features we find a library of animations, a calendar, training sessions, a section where you can prepare the matches, a database of teams and players and also a section where you can save documents.

? Ideal for: Players and Coaches.

➡️ Download Efficiency Match Sports in iOS

? Price: Free (offers in-app purchases).


Apps for tactics and rehearsed plays

10. Tactical Slate: Handball

This app is focused on tactical improvement of your team. It has several interactive whiteboards where you can write down all your strategies and formations, as well as prepare your team's upcoming matches.

It also has detailed strategy books with thousands of rehearsed plays of great handball teams. On the other hand, a differential aspect of the app is that it is fully customizable, being able to enter the name of your team, your shield, the players and the corresponding dorsal.

? Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download Pizarra Táctica:Balonmano in iOS

? Price: Free (offers in-app purchases).


11. TacticalPad Futsal & Handball

TacticalPad is another app that looks at the tactical aspect of the sport. For futsal and handball teams, it is one of the most complete tools, allowing you to prepare team strategies on interactive 3D whiteboards.

Also, the application allows you to customize it as you wish and you can export all its content, both documents and images and videos.

? Ideal for: Coaches and Analysts.

➡️ Download TacticalPad Futsal & Handball in iOS

? Price: Free (offers in-app purchases).


Apps to keep up with the latest handball news


Official application of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation. Here you can follow all the news of the sport at national level, either at the sporting or legislative level. It also includes the possibility of ordering online at the official store.

? Ideal for: Fans and players.

➡️ Download RFEBM on Android

? Price: Free (offers in-app purchases).


13. Handball 24

Handball 24 is an application that allows you to get information about almost 200 handball leagues. It offers live results, competition statistics and the ranking of each team.

It is also an app characterized by its simplicity and interactive interface.

? Ideal for: Fans and players.

➡️ Test Handball 24

? Price: Free


Other apps for handball clubs

14. Kickly

Kickly, the tool that is revolutionizing social networks for handball clubs! It is an online design app with templates to create graphic content about your club in minutes.

Take a template (lineup, results, signings, news...), edit it in less than two minutes and export it in an ideal size for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Stories.

Goodbye to paying graphic designers, goodbye to spending hours to create content and goodbye to large Photoshop files. Community managers, copywriters, online media and club managers: the social media design revolution is here!

? Ideal for: Community managers, communication and digital media managers.

➡️ Try Kickly for free

? Price: From 17€/month


15. Leverade

Manage, grow and monetize your handball club. It is a comprehensive management system that supports all areas of a competition: administration, teams, referees and players.

It has a mobile application for both Android and iOs, from which you can consult in real time the results of the matches and all the information about the players and teams participating in the competition.

? Ideal for: Managers, coordinators and administrators.

➡️ Try Leverade for free

? Price: Depending on the competition to be organized.


16. Promo Swipe

100% free app for clubs, merchants and fans. Advertisers advertise and offer digital discount coupons, giving clubs a totally innovative way to obtain funding.

Promo Swipe benefits both advertisers, who get more visibility, and clubs, multiplying their sponsorship revenue.

? Ideal for: clubs, retailers and fans.

➡️ Register your club for free

? Price: free


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