The 27 best apps for football clubs

Post by Beñat, 16 de noviembre de 2021

If you are looking for the best app for your soccer club, you have come to the right place. In this post I show you a list of the best technological solutions available for soccer teams like yours.

Probably, when you think of an app for a soccer club, two or three processes that can be digitized come to mind. But believe me, the range is very wide. Digital transformation in soccer clubs is booming, and there are apps that you would never have imagined.

In this list I show you the best solutions, both in app and web-app format for the different members of a sports club: managers, coaches, athletes, fans, analysts...I'm going with it!


Soccer Apps for managers and directors

Here I list the essential solutions for club managers. No more excel, no more pen and paper. Digital transformation is knocking on the door of soccer club managers.

Club management tools

1. Clupik

Centralize the management and communication of your soccer club with its comprehensive solution for sports clubs. It allows you to have your own website and a customized app for your club, being able to incorporate the modules you consider appropriate. In addition, it provides a management tool, where you can centralize the management of tools and communications with members.

In a single step, you can turn your club into 100% digital, connecting all the agents involved in the club (management, coaches, athletes, parents, sponsors...) thanks to its comprehensive solution. It is the app with the highest growth rate in number of customers during 2020. We highly recommend it!

? Ideal for: Directors, webmasters and administrators.

➡️ Clupik free trial for +2 months

? Price: From 35€/month


Apps for fan monetization

2. Seyu

Another great option is Seyu, which allows you to leverage the club's stadium assets, and generate revenue from fans and sponsors. They offer a free trial to see the impact of Seyu at an actual event or match. It also serves to create a more special bond between the fan and the club, which consequently increases loyalty. If you are interested in seeing all the opportunities offered by Seyu you can click here and follow the link.

?Ideal for: Clubs, fans and advertisers.

➡️ Try it free here


3. Valorafutbol

Application for clubs to connect with fans before, during and after each match.  It is a Software as a Service product to help Clubs & Sports Media to Connect, Retain and Monetize Audience and fans in a fast and easy way. It is based on a 24/7 consumer data capture and content creation model.

?Ideal for: Clubs, fans and advertisers.

➡️ Try it for free here.


4. Tiketblok

This is an intelligent sales channel that collects fan data with useful information such as the price they would be willing to pay in order to bring passion into the equation.

They have a triple objective which is to build fan loyalty, fill the venues and maximize the organizer's revenue.

The most visible results after using this app are the achievement of more fan support and higher level of fan involvement.

?Ideal for: Clubs, fans and advertisers.

➡️Download TiketBlok on App Store.

➡️Download TiketBlok for Android


5. Mycrocast

Mycrocast is a platform for creating and consuming audio content via mobile. Would you like fans to choose the language of the broadcast? Is your club's match not broadcast live? Do you want to give fans the possibility to become commentators?

With Mycrocast you will have easy integration with your club's media (web and app); live broadcasts or previously created content; chats for fans to participate while listening to your matches; and multiple listening languages in parallel, opting for one of the following options: basic, premium or unlimited.


? Ideal for: Clubs, fans and advertisers.

➡️ Schedule a demo


Communication tools

6. Competize

Competize is an application to manage leagues and tournaments in a comprehensive way, allowing your championships to be easy to organize, play and follow. You will be able to automate processes; store your databases in the cloud; share administration with coaches or referees; give visibility to your sponsors; and more.

With Competize you'll also be able to improve communication for participants, keeping your teams and fans informed anytime, anywhere through mobile notifications; offering personalized statistics and data; and interacting directly with your users.


? Ideal for: Clubs and leagues, players and fans.

➡️ Organize your event/tournament.


Undoubtedly one of the most outstanding tools of the whole list. Especially useful for automating processes, creating a large database and reducing work to obtain greater benefits. What are you waiting for to facilitate the management of your leagues, tournaments and championships? Click here for more information if you are interested.


Apps for soccer coaches

One of the most important things for people in charge of coaching soccer teams is designing drills. It is true that this can be done in a traditional way with pen and paper, but we believe that designing it through these platforms will give a touch of professionalism to both your club and your work. In addition, they offer you facilities to perform calculations and analysis that would cost more effort in the traditional way.


Sports analysis tools

7. LongoMatch

LongoMatch is an easy-to-use analysis software for coaches and analysts who want to study their team's game live or after the match.

It imports video directly from your computer, labels the most important actions of the match and highlights specific moments of the game with stunning TV-like graphic elements.

There are three types of LongoMatch software depending on the level of analysis you are looking for: Analyser Pro, Analyser Basic and Telestrator. Want to try them? You have several days for free with no need to register your CREDIT CARD.

? Ideal for: Coaches, analysts and scouts.

➡️ Try the free a demo of LongoMatch

? Price: From €9.99/mo.


8. RX Fútbol

It is a software for designing, animating and simulating training exercises. It allows you to control the players of your own team as if it were a video game, making the player and coach interact with the field exercise to create actions where the randomness and natural movement of the game are sustained. The opponent will react depending on what you do, if you decide to finish off, drive the ball, give a pass, etc.

The image quality, sharpness, realism in the spaces and meters of play, as well as in the players, elements and each component are unique and make the difference compared to other software.

? Ideal for: Coaches and Players.

➡️ Sign up for RX Football on their website.

? Price: 150$/year


9. Soccer Coach Pro

This app allows you to design your own plays and drills to perform during a training session. You can represent the different players in your team, movements, edit notes of the plays, create formations, etc.

You can store all this within the app to later present your work on external screens, projectors or full screen on your device. It also allows you to share all the content very easily and quickly via email. Only available on iOs.

? Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download Soccer Coach Pro on iOs.

? Price: $1.99


10. 24/7 Football Coach

This is a very intuitive app to prepare soccer training sessions and tactical boards in a matter of seconds: every coach's dream. It can be used for the development of players of all ages, whether you are coaching a youth team, a youth team or even a professional team, it is the alternative to traditional coaching methods.Each session is automatically saved, so once completed you can watch them again, edit them or share them via email, Facebook and/or Twitter.

? Ideal for: Trainers

➡️ Download 24/7 Football Coach on iOs.

? Price: £5.99


11. Tactical Pad

It is a sports software created for tactical analysis, exercise drawing and planning of training sessions, performance and opponent analysis. It is an innovative and powerful tool that allows you to draw formations, animations, view them in 3D and export all the content created in videos and images, all accessible through a graphical interface easy to use and learn.

A very important functionality that this software offers you is the possibility to visualize and download hundreds of exercises and sessions from elite soccer teams and coaches, which you can adapt and apply in your own trainings.

? Ideal for: Coaches, assistants, analysts and journalists.

➡️ Download the Tactical Pad demo on Android.

➡️ Download the demo of Tactical Pad on iOs

? Price: 59€/year


12. The Coaching Manual

The Coaching Manual is a resource created for soccer coaches who want to improve their understanding of coaching, find real practical sessions they can use and accelerate the development of their players by creating a world-class soccer learning environment.

Access hundreds of professional coaching sessions, plan your sessions using the tools they make available, create a customized season plan for your team and share content to your players through the team management features.

? Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download The Coaching Manual on Android.

➡️ Download The Coaching Manual on iOs

? Price: Between $0 and $9/month.


13. You Coach

In addition to being one of the most comprehensive online guides with videos and books about soccer, it has an app aimed at coaches of all levels, both professional and amateur.

Analyze your team's statistics and progress during the season, configure the season depending on the definition of your periodization, manage the presence of your players at training sessions and matches, create your personal collection of exercises.

? Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Subscribe to the You Coach web-app.

? Price: From $69.90/year


14. Ubitrack

This is an optical tracking software that provides complete sports data about the teams and the ball. Their demonstrable experience within the sector and the constant training that support their capabilities, allows them to adapt to your needs by executing customized and efficient projects. It is a great way to take a leap in quality using AI, Big Data and new technologies in general.

? Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Try Ubitrack for free.


Training tools

15. Kimet Sport

This is one of the most comprehensive soccer software on the market with "intelligence of its own". It allows you to plan your club's entire season in 5 simple steps, according to a unique methodology used by elite soccer clubs around the world.

Plan and control your training sessions, apply proven or proprietary methodologies and get the most important statistics of your players.

In addition, it offers a training area for soccer coaches where you can find different courses endorsed by the RFE and LaLiga.

? Ideal for: Sport directors, coordinators and coaches

➡️ Request a demo of Kimet Sport on their website

? Price: From 99€/year

Soccer whiteboard apps

16. Coach Tactic Board: Soccer

This application offers soccer coaches the typical classic whiteboard but on your mobile device. It has numerous tools through which you can create plays and tactics with your players, and you can teach the methodology in a very visual way. Use folders to group your tactics and exercises by categories, export them in image or pdf format and share them through your social networks.

? Ideal for: Trainers

➡️ Download Coach Tactic Board: Soccer on Android.

➡️ Download Coach Tactic Board: Soccer on iOs

? Price: Free (In-app purchases).


17. Football Dood

This is a must-have app for soccer coaches. An app that digitizes the traditional playbook. It allows coaches to touch and move players on a field and then add drawings and text.

Its main difference compared to other online whiteboards, lies in the fact that it allows animations with transitions of all your plays for matches.

? Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download Football Dood on Android

? Price: Free


18. Soccer Board Tactics

It is a tool with a simple interface and through which you can use markers, lines, etc. Good tool for your soccer club to make the switch from the traditional board to the technological world.

Prepare training sessions and design plays for your team that you can then save and teach through your smartphone or tablet.

? Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download Soccer Board Tactics on Android

? Price: Free


Real-time tracking tools

19. Coach it Soccer

This app allows you to set your lineup, manage your team and record all the stats of your soccer players, with the aim of analyzing after the fact everything that happened during the match. Forget about paper lineups and try to keep them updated during the game! Now, creating lineups and changing them is as easy as dragging your finger across your iPad screen.

The features that set this app apart the most are: timers that keep track of how long each player plays, a player assist whereby the app automatically replaces players who are not on the field, and the stats module that tells you who your best players are based on the stats you tell it.

? Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download Coach it Soccer on iPad

? Price: 9,99$.


20. My Coach Football

This is one of the most complete tools for the world of soccer that you can use wherever you are. It allows you to manage and organize the daily life of your soccer team, day after day, season after season. Among its features are the ability to create lineups with all the players' data, change the lineup in real time during the match, and record everything that happens during the match (substitutions, goals and cards, for example).

It allows you to subsequently visualize everything that has happened to your soccer team, an ideal way to track and analyze the performance of all your players.

? Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download My Coach Football on Android

➡️ Download My Coach Football for iOs

? Price: Free


21. Mis estadísticas de fútbol

Data storage and statistics recording is becoming more and more important in the world of football. With this application, you can record everything that happens during a match in real time, whether it's Football 5, 6, 7, 9 or 11.

It has a very simple design so that you can record everything that happens during the matches without any problems and without wasting time.

? Ideal for: Coaches

➡️ Download My Football Stats on Android

? Price: Free


22. Teamtag

At Clupik we have the support of Teamtag, an app for the analysis and monitoring of matches. You can also record match data instantly from your mobile or tablet, discover how the team is performing thanks to data analysis and receive notifications directly to any device. For more information click here.

? Ideal for: Coaches

➡️  Download Teamtag en Android

➡️ Download Teamtag en App Store


Apps for soccer community managers

All clubs have digital media to publish content: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, the website itself ... and the reality is that, normally, whoever manages them, is not an expert in the field, but goes "pulling" with what is at hand.


Editing tools with templates

23. Kickly

Kickly, the tool that seems "simple", but turns out to be simply great. An online design app with customizable templates to create graphic content about your club in minutes.

Goodbye to paying graphic designers, goodbye to spending hours to create content and goodbye to large Photoshop files.

Community managers, editors, online media and club managers: The social media design revolution is here! Valid for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Stories. Coming soon in video format.

? Ideal for: Community managers, communication and digital media managers.

➡️ Try Kickly for free.

? Price: From 17€/month

Another one of our favorite options is none other than Kickly. It's the perfect option for sports club marketers to design engaging visuals and become the ideal content creators for your organization. Kickly not only eliminates the hassle, but also costs 20 times cheaper than hiring a designer to produce professional sports graphic content. For more information about them you can click here.


Apps for soccer fans

We couldn't forget the fans. So that they can keep track of your club and stay connected with their idols, there are a number of apps that facilitate this connection.

Apps for live scores

24. BeSoccer

BeSoccer is the best app for live scores, news and soccer stats. They cover more than 10,000 competitions: you can follow your team's matches live, receive notifications of goals, lineups, transfers and rumors in real time.

They also have one of the largest databases in the world of soccer where you can find statistics of all the teams and players in the world.

? Ideal for: Fans

➡️ Download BeSoccer on Android.

➡️ Download BeSoccer on iOs

? Price: Free


25. FotMob

Very similar to Besoccer, FotMob is the app to enhance your match day experience. Get live scores, goal-by-goal notifications, official highlights, detailed stats and personalized news from hundreds of leagues and cups around the world. follow your local soccer team from anywhere!

? Ideal for: Fans

➡️ Download FotMob on Android.

➡️ Download FotMob on iOs

? Price: Free


26. SofaScore

From simple real-time scoreboards to extensive statistics and detailed player analysis. SofaScore covers more than 20 sports, over 5,000 leagues, tournaments and special events. An app made for true sports fans.

It features unique functionalities compared to the competition: overview of player attributes, attack momentum (match dynamics graph), heat maps, shot maps and player scores for each match.

? Ideal for: Fans

➡️ Download SofaScore on Android.

➡️ Download Sofascore on iOs

? Price: Free


Streaming Apps

27. Footers

Footers is a streaming platform from the world of soccer. Here you will find all the excitement of the matches of the Second B and Third division of the Spanish league, in exchange for a monthly or annual payment.

Users of this platform can watch the matches of their favorite team and exclusive content such as interviews, special programs and summaries from anywhere and on any device.

? Ideal for: Fans

➡️ Subscribe to Footers on their website.

? Price: From 6,99€/month


These are the 27 apps and tools that we recommend you to incorporate in your soccer club. But there are other tools that, although not exactly designed for soccer clubs, help to digitize many of the tasks that are usually done offline. Find out about all of them in our post on Best tools for managing a sports club.

Do you know any other essential app for a soccer club? Write a comment and we will add it to the list.

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