The 10 best apps for capacity control in your sports centre

Post by Beñat, 11 de febrero de 2021

Whether you like it or not, we are currently living in a very complicated situation due to the covid-19 pandemic, so every establishment must carry out a capacity control in order to comply with current regulations and social responsibility. However, this is sometimes a complicated and uncomfortable task, due to the simple fact that sometimes the customer cannot understand why he/she cannot enter.

In this sense, on many occasions and due to uncomfortable situations, mistakes are made and there is more capacity than allowed in the establishment, in addition to the complexity of controlling the capacity at all times, especially for companies with large establishments.

Therefore, don't miss this list with the best 10 apps to control the capacity of your business digitally:

1. Afority

It is an App that provides an agile and efficient solution for compliance with the regulations and protocols for COVID-19 prevention related to capacity. It is a highly effective tool designed to simplify and automate safe management processes in closed or open-air facilities. Afority focuses on the following management processes:

  • Access control: The customer can register a facility with its rooms and the doors associated with each of them, resulting in one or more QR codes.
  • Attendee registration: The facility will have at its disposal a register of attendees by hours that will allow the traceability of the contacts in its facilities.
  • Collection of responsible declarations for access: In the event that a responsible declaration is set up for a door or access, the user must accept the responsible declaration from the facility before the facility will provide an entrance.

2. Bionix

The BIONIX ABAQUS solution allows you to solve the capacity control of your establishment in a very easy and simple way.

The system displays on the screen located at the entrance of the establishment the maximum capacity, the number of places available and whether or not people are allowed to pass at that moment, relieving shop staff of the task of controlling people at the entrances to the establishment.

3. Clicker&GO

It is an application that allows you to easily control the capacity in all types of premises (supermarkets, museums, nightclubs, public buildings, beaches, swimming pools, parks...) and from any mobile device.

With this tool, the managers of any venue will be able to know the exact number of people inside the venue.

4. AppForo Limitado

It is a mobile and web application for the registration and control of capacity in entertainment venues, created to address the situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This real-time access control system is intended for professionals and requires a licence and prior registration.

In a quick, simple and safe way, you can control the capacity of different spaces, allowing you to enjoy any activity, knowing that security measures are being respected. APPForo Limitado is an application from the creators of Clizzz, the first app on the market for mobile check-in.

5. Access and capacity control (Shake your App)

This is a digital tool developed for mobile devices equipped with a QR laser reader, photo reader or NFC antenna. Its main use is for events with access control. Congresses, trade fairs, concerts and festivals, amusement parks, private events and shows in general.

Its aim is to streamline access management to avoid crowds and waits and to know where your visitors are at any given moment, how long they stay or which activity is attended by the most people.

6. Sekdoor

The best way to ensure the safety of customers is with a capacity control system that allows real-time reporting of the number of people, both indoors and outdoors.

That is why the Sekdoor brand has introduced a capacity control system to ensure the safety of its customers.

7. B-Safe

In the current pandemic context, one of the main challenges for companies and businesses is the control of the capacity of people in venues such as bars and restaurants, museums, concert halls, business buildings, shopping centres, etc.

B-SAFE has developed a comprehensive people counting solution with several systems necessary for safe, fast and effective flow control.

They have solutions with special counting systems at the entrances or exits of the establishment or facility, as well as access systems with a reader at the turnstile for capacity management.

8. Mirame

It allows you to know the capacity and the time spent by your customers in the commercial space. And it does this in 3 steps:

  • Define the maximum occupancy of your commercial space to control the capacity at all times, protecting your employees and customers from Covid-19.
  • It provides live capacity and traffic
  • Communicates in real time the maximum capacity and current occupancy of the establishment by means of digital screens.

9. SmartOccupancy

It provides real-time capacity data and allows you to automatically manage the occupancy level of your establishment. Thanks to a traffic light installed at the entrance, it avoids assigning staff to queue management.

10. ConteoLive

There are many factors to be taken into account when controlling the capacity of the venue, size, number of entrances, zones, floors, crowd levels, different uses, seasonality and location.

Conteolive's system adapts to the needs of each location and is fully scalable, so it can manage any type of space.


Are you thinking of incorporating a tool for capacity control and you can't decide? Contact us so that we can advise you.

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