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All types of organisations have their place on Clupik.

Work with us to improve the management of your club, tournament, league or federation.


What can you do with Clupik?

Management, communication, competitions, trainings and online shop.

Connect with your entire organisation

Connect all the members and collectives of the club: Managers, Coaches, Athletes, Families, Members, Fans...






Customised website
Customised App
Management tool

Why Clupik?

Increase revenues

Add new revenue streams and reduce costs in your club.

Save time

Make the most of your time, speed up processes by up to 80%.

Be unique

Get an app and a website that no other club will have.


Connect the whole club and all your tools.

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Connect to a live demo with an expert

Getting started with a new tool has never been easier.

Detailed customer service is Clupik's hallmark. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Getting started and first steps

Our team will help you through the complete process. From the moment you sign up until Clupik is fully running in your organization.


We train your team to get the most out of our management software, website and app. We do also have video tutorials of every feature.

Live support

Contact us to solve any questions you may have about the tool through the internal chat, email, or video-calls.

Case studies

Case studies

For all types of sports organisations

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